3 Tips on How to Use Technology in the Workplace


The workplace can be quite chaotic, and the last thing you want to worry about is figuring out how to set up and control the technology. When you have an important meeting, you need to make sure the system is working and easy to use. Otherwise, you may end up looking disorganized and unprofessional. The team at AV Specialists is experienced on how to customize your boardroom with the newest technology. We'll make it easy to operate and intuitive enough so that anyone can figure it out. Continue reading to learn more about our boardroom automation solutions.

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AV Integration | What to consider at your business


When it comes to your business, your office workplace is a direct reflection of who you are and how you conduct business. To that end, you will always want to project the best possible appearance to current and prospective clients. This means giving your staff the tools they need to excel if you want your business to grow.

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Building Automation Systems Streamline Your Florida Business


Room Scheduling Software Makes Your Employees More Productive

An automated smart control system lets business owners monitor and manage a variety of functions in their office suite, warehouse, or other types of commercial endeavors. From HVAC to lighting, security to room scheduling, AV Specialists works with Crestron to integrate all of these functions into one easy to operate building automation system. Whether you prefer touch panel or smart device operation, or even a remote control, you and your employees can become more efficient during the workday with the tap of a button.

Your conference rooms serve as the hub of brainstorming and collaboration in your business. Every employee is vying for a time slot to reserve the room, but currently, there’s no system in place to schedule reservations or show if or when a room is in use. Help your employees easily connect and collaborate with one another by integrating room scheduling solution into your existing building automation system.

Keep reading this month’s blog to learn how this building automation solution can increase the productivity of your employees and Tampa, FL-area business.

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Can Your Building Benefit From Acoustic Treatment?


The Answer Is Yes, It Probably Can

In the second video the slap back is greatly reduced. Conversation is easier to understand and the room feels better and more quiet. This was accomplished with only 16 panels per side wall. The panels are the standard 24”x 48” panels and are only 1” thick. These are the wave panels from ProSoCoustic.

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Conference Room Audio Visual Systems Have Come A Long Way


Conference room audio visual systems have finally become a viable option for business meetings. In their infancy video conferences were considered by some to be a sketchy and risky proposition. That is no longer the case. Today's state of the art video conferencing systems incorporate a variety of technological advantages to produce crystal clear audio and video suitable for any meeting or conference environment.

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Conference Room Design | Tampa, Florida


Have you ever found yourself seated at one end of a conference table completely unable to hear what's going on at the other end? If you've ever worked in an office, at some time you've probably attended a meeting or conference with poor acoustics, bad temperature controls, a too-small screen, or some other issue that made it difficult to concentrate on the meeting itself. Maybe you've even found yourself fantasizing about how you would fix the room to make it perfect.

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How Electronic Interactive Whiteboards Are Changing Business


Gone are the days of the traditional dry erase board. Electronic whiteboards are increasingly making their way into boardrooms and conference centers. The touch screen technology found in most interactive whiteboards on the market today allows the meeting presenter to capture feedback and update meeting content with the touch of a finger. Today’s whiteboards are far more useful and allow you to enhance your conference room audiovisual experience.

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How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Customer Experience

How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Customer Experience

An Outdoor Sound System is the Perfect Option for Florida Businesses

Last month on our residential blog, we talked about how to avoid common mistakes when setting up an outdoor sound system. Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from outdoor sound. The residential guide is still applicable for business setups, but today, let’s go one step further to talk about the best ways that businesses throughout the Palm Harbor or Tampa, FL area can use outdoor audio to their advantage.

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Newest Must Have - The Huddle Room


It's not a Boardroom (too elaborate), it's not a Conference Room (too big), it's a Huddle Room. A huddle room is the name that's been given to a small meeting room where a lot of the "real" work at the job actually gets done.

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Professional AV Installation: What Will It Cost?


Starting a discussion about AV Installation can feel intimidating, particularly when so many corporate settings are trying to reduce overhead cost. In recent years, there's been a transition from focusing on cost to, instead, focusing on the quality of the system installed.

Overall, this is a positive trend, but when considering initial installation- or a system upgrade- what is a reasonable expectation of cost? The short answer is that cost will vary widely depending on the type of system installed, the trained professional installing the system, and the environment including not only the local cost of living but also, the dimensions, complexity, and specifications of the installation space. While each of these factors may be dependent on others, and no specific monetary cost can be quoted that would apply to everyone, let's discuss the cost we can universally evaluate.

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The Best Options for Boardroom Automation Technology


Learn Which Products Will Work Best in Your Tampa Boardroom

If you have decided to take advantage of boardroom automation technology in your Tampa, FL business, the next logical step is choosing which products will give you the reliable, convenient experience you want for your clients and employees. Our boardroom integrators understand which products excel at improving productivity and client experiences. Below, we’ve covered some of the best boardroom automation technologies available today.

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Important Things to Consider in a Conference Room Design

Important Things to Consider in a Conference Room Design

When considering a projector in a conference room design, there are many things to consider. Here in this article, we try to narrow it down to the top few items you should consider. 

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