Bring the Power of Residential Lighting Design to Your Home

Enhance every room at home in Tampa, FL, and make your entire place more energy efficient with professional residential lighting design. Learn more here. 

Explore How AV Specialists Takes Care of All Your Lighting Needs 

Are you looking to turn your new construction project into the ultimate luxury residence? Whether you are designing and building a client’s home or working directly on your own, if you are in Tampa, FL, our team at AV Specialists can help. After all, there is a lot more to us than audio and video! We are also the leading technology integrators in town, specializing in smart home solutions tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. 

Among these solutions, residential lighting design plays a crucial role in all our projects. That’s why we partner with Lutron, the global leader in lighting control systems and motorized shades, bringing you the latest and most efficient products available. 

Here are the ways our team of Lutron-certified lighting designers will help you bring the perfect light to every space in your home or project. 

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The Growing Use of Huddle Spaces for Businesses

A huddle space with a video display and people sitting around a table using their laptops.

A Commercial Audio-Video Installation Turns Unused Spaces into Collaborative Meeting Rooms

The new year is the perfect time to analyze your company’s current status and where you want to be by year’s end. For many businesses today, that means taking a close look at their employees’ workflow and workstations. Are these spaces designed for maximum collaboration and productivity? 

Let’s explore the issues facing some businesses in this area and how to overcome them with the latest commercial audio-video installation

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Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Best Entertainment Systems

An oceanfront property with a large backyard patio and a Séura outdoor

Discover the Benefits of a Top-Rated Outdoor, Weatherproof TV for Your Backyard

We’re fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful locations in the nation, a place where we can enjoy our backyards with family and friends year-round and long into the evening. Is your outdoor entertainment area everything it could be? Advancements in technology have created outdoor 4K TVs that rival the top indoor brands and audio that creates a blanket of sound. 

Let’s explore the latest outdoor TV options and what they offer your home in St. Petersburg, FL.

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Which Sony 4K TV Is Right for You?

Sony 4K TV with red flower display sitting on a pedestal box in a darkened room.

Choose From a Variety of High-Quality Options

Shopping for a new TV can be both a fun and daunting experience. There are so many elite, high-quality options on the market that choosing one may seem like a daunting task. But fear not—AV Specialists can help you compare and contrast the different features to ensure you leave with the TV you need to meet your needs. Of course, we can help you install it, too!

When it comes to high-quality performance and cutting-edge technology, we recommend Sony 4K TVs. There are many different models and features to choose from, which makes it easier to find precisely the TV you want and need. Continue reading for questions to consider when deciding on the best TV for your Tampa, FL, home.

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How Your Smart Home Optimizes Natural and Artificial Lighting

A living area with varying light fixtures and drawn shades overlooking the ocean.

A Whole-Home Lighting Control System Manages Your Lighting with One Touch

Whole home lighting control is one of the most popular smart home technologies. Gone are the light switches and dimmer controls and going from room to room, turning lights on and off. In their place are elegant custom-engraved in-wall keypads, touchscreens, and remotes. Now, with one touch, you control every light in every room. 

Did you forget to turn off a few lights when you left for work? Or, maybe you’re getting home later than expected and wish you’d left the security and front entrance lights on. Simply pull up your smartphone app from wherever you are in the world, and with one tap, it's done. As you can see, smart lighting control makes managing your home’s lighting in Tampa, FL, effortless. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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Make Your Employee Training More Engaging with AV Solutions

A team watching a presentation during a meeting.

Integrate these training room AV solutions into your business to help your team stay on top of their game!

A well-trained team contributes to a thriving company. Whether you’re teaching them to use new technology, sharing a presentation or sales pitch, or updating your industry practices, there’s no doubt that creating a space where people feel engaged, connected, and involved will completely transform your training experience. 

At AV Specialists, we are ready to help you integrate training room AV solutions into your commercial space. Curious to learn all the ways we can help you enhance your training sessions at your Tampa, FL, company? Keep reading to learn more!

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3 Crucial Things to Consider When Getting Custom Window Treatments

An elegant living room with Lutron motorized shades covering a large window.

Choose the best motorized shades and boost the beauty of your spaces!

Adding custom window treatments is a great way of bringing more beauty, privacy and comfort to any room. From your main bathroom to your kitchen to your outdoor spaces, there’s not one area of your house that couldn’t use some high-quality automated shades. 

However, if you’re planning to integrate this technology into your Clearwater, FL, home, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to fully enjoy all the benefits they bring. Keep reading this blog to learn all about it!

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Want to Enjoy High-End Audio? Here’s How McIntosh Can Help!

A MA252 Integrated Amplifier, an MT5 Precision Turntable and two XR100 Speakers, all by McIntosh, create the perfect listening space in a home.

Integrate these McIntosh audio solutions and elevate your listening experience

Music is the language of the soul. It inspires us, connects us with others, and helps us express ourselves. However, in order to truly enjoy every detail of your audio content, you need to integrate the right technology solutions that provide you with powerful, high-definition sound. McIntosh audio installations are a great example of this, as their high-end devices are powerful and beautiful, allowing you to enjoy the most luxurious listening experience possible. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more about two amazing McIntosh installations you can integrate into your St Petersburg, FL, home. 

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Expand Your Living Space With an Outdoor Sound System

A discreet Coastal Source speaker in a garden.

Experience Premium Entertainment Right In Your Backyard

Many people spend time carefully landscaping their backyard and crafting their outdoor space. It can be great to soak in the sun or play in the pool. However, the indoors is often where the entertainment is, so it can be tempting to stay inside the house most of the time. 

What if you could listen to your favorite music, radio station, podcast, audiobook, and more without taking a speaker outside? With an outdoor sound system, you could have premium speakers installed in your speaker year-round to listen to all your favorite entertainment in your St. Petersburg, FL, backyard. Keep reading to learn more!

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Enjoy Luxury Living with a Smart Home That Won’t Fail Along the Way

A family room with a modern TV screen displaying AV Specialist’s logo.

Call AV Specialists to be your smart home company and get the job right the first time around!

Adding smart technology into your home is a truly exciting experience. The thrill usually begins when you start to imagine the kind of lifestyle you could have with home automation. Then, it grows a little more when you call an integrator to help you design your dream smart home. And finally, when every system and device is in place, you probably feel like a little kid on a Christmas morning, discovering all the cool things you can do with your new smart home. 

But what if, right after your smart home installation, all your technology starts to fail, leaving you frustrated and disappointed? Sadly, this story is all too common for Tampa, FL, residents. When that happens, those people come to us to fix their systems. 

What if instead everything worked perfectly from the start? AV Specialists helps you avoid the pitfalls of working with an inexperienced smart home company, ensuring you have a reliable system for years. And if issues do arise, we are available to help 24/7 throughout our dedicated service plans. 

Keep reading our blog to learn more about the perks of working with a team of truly experienced professionals.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Smart Home Company versus a DIY System

A homeowner holding their Control4 touchscreen hub.

Experience Better Connection and More Control with a Pro System

Smart home technology has taken the world by storm. Homeowners can purchase everything from smart TVs to thermostats designed to make home life easier. However, a smart home should be more than just a collection of smart devices. Too many separate devices, apps, and controllers can actually make controlling your home harder. 

Some products, like Amazon Alexa, claim to be the DIY smart home solution, meaning you don’t need professional assistance to use Alexa to integrate your tech. This may sound like a good idea, but you’ll soon learn it’s not that simple. For an easier-to-manage and more luxurious smart home in Belleair, FL, you should integrate all your devices into a complete home automation system. Keep reading to see why you should work with a smart home company to create a true smart home.

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Top Landscape Lighting Installations You NEED in Your Outdoor Areas

Trees are highlighted by Coastal Source bullet lights.

Highlight the elegance of your patio and enjoy your outdoors even after the sun has set!

Who says enjoying the beauty and comfort of your alfresco spaces has to be limited by the hours of sunlight? With world-class landscape lighting installations, you can extend the fun of your patio, backyard or terrace all night long! 

At AV Specialists, we partner with Coastal Source and WAC Lighting, two of the most reputable brands in the lighting industry. In this blog, we’ll explore a few of the top landscape lighting solutions these brands offer to elevate your outdoor living experience in Clearwater, FL.

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3 Common Outdoor Audio Myths Debunked

An outdoor speaker is installed in the middle of a flower bed.

Learn the real deal about outdoor speakers with these debunked myths!

Integrating an outdoor sound system into your home is one of the easiest ways to bring more fun, music, and joy to your spaces. Whether you are hosting a nice cookout for all your family and friends or just trying to relax with a good book by the pool, adding high-performance devices built for your alfresco spaces will ensure you and your guests enjoy the audio quality you deserve in your natural surroundings.

We understand, however, that homeowners have some common concerns about incorporating technology into their open spaces. In this blog, we’ll debunk three common myths about these installations so that you can keep your peace of mind when adding them to your Clearwater, FL home.

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Satisfy Your Audiophilic Needs with McIntosh Audio

A pair of McIntosh amplifiers overseeing vinyl records.

Take your audio experience to the next level with these world-class McIntosh products

There are few forms of art as inspiring as music. So whether you are a classical music connoisseur or a hardcore heavy metal fan, you deserve to experience music with the highest quality sound system. At AV Specialists, we partner with McIntosh, a world-famous audio solutions developer. Together, we bring you the latest sound technologies to build a sound system that satisfies every audiophile's needs. Keep reading our blog to learn more about McIntosh audio and the devices that elevate your listening experience in your Tampa, FL, home!

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Need a Home Theater Upgrade? Sony Projectors to the Rescue!

Three friends watch a basketball game displayed by a Sony projector in a home movie theater.

Enhance your fun and upgrade your entertainment experience with these brand new Sony projectors!

Entertainment is a huge element of the luxurious smart home experience. Whether you want to watch the game with your friends, play some video games with your kids, or have a lazy Sunday binge-watching Netflix by yourself, a home movie theater is a perfect space to enjoy all of that. 

But, to get the content-watching experience you and your loved ones deserve, you need world-class, up-to-date installations that deliver high-quality images. Keep reading our blog to learn all about the newest Sony projectors and how you can elevate your entertainment in your St Petersburg, FL home.

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4 Vital Elements of an Engaging Conference Room Design

A woman is smiling at her team seated around a conference table during a meeting.

Hold more efficient and collaborative meetings with our conference room solutions

Building more intuitive and collaborative meeting spaces is one of the best ways to enhance your Florida business operations. Meetings are where the big decisions are made, and having an area that promotes productivity, idea-sharing, and teamwork is key to running your company smoothly and making your employees happier.

The expert commercial integration team at AV Specialists is ready to help you facilitate more engaging meetings with our world-class conference room design solutions. Keep reading our blog to learn how our technology can completely transform your St. Petersburg-area company.

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How Your Business Can Boost Energy Efficiency With Lighting Control


Find Out How Custom Lighting Can Impact Your Office’s Energy Consumption

Does boosting your business’ energy efficiency sound appealing to you?

Not only could it save your business on energy consumption costs, but you also can take pride in owning an environmentally friendly operation.

If you aren’t sure where to start, though, we’re here to help.

As custom technology experts, the AV Specialists team can provide your St. Petersburg, FL office with an energy-saving solution: Lighting control.

How can smart lighting be an energy-efficient addition to your business? Keep reading to find out!

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Stadium Sound System Integration: Wesley Chapel High School


When we first met with the client they were looking to replace a temporary stadium sound system they were using. This temporary system consisted of some small paging horns and an under powered amplifier. The school needed a sound system that could be heard all around the stadium. The stadium sound system would have to be able to handle music as well as the stadium announcers.  

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Top Home Automation Solutions to Enhance Your Projects

A woman is controlling her smart home system through Savant’s app on her tablet.

Add more luxury and convenience to your projects with home automation systems!

When you design, build, or remodel a home for your clients, you are not just creating a building. You are designing a lifestyle, an experience, a sanctuary for relaxation, a place where they can retreat after a long day and spend unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Let your projects offer a luxurious way of living by integrating outstanding solutions only home automation systems can offer. Keep reading our blog to learn more about the systems we can incorporate into your Tampa, FL projects.

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Explore the Many Benefits of a Building Automation System

An employee speaking on a Crestron Flex phone while sitting at her desk typing on her laptop.

Commercial Automation Systems Increase Efficiency While Reducing Costs

If installed and programmed correctly, a building automation system delivers lower operating and maintenance costs, greater energy efficiency, and better indoor air quality while increasing productivity as well as your staff’s and clients’ comfort.

To accomplish this, AV Specialists partners with industry leaders that remain on the cutting edge of technology. In commercial automation, that brand is Crestron, a recognized worldwide in building automation. Together, we’re transforming businesses and organizations in Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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