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Consider Structured AV Wiring for Your Audio Video Systems


With recent advances in technology more and more people are able to afford the luxury of upgrading their home entertainment capabilities. However the upgrade to your audio video systems experience comes with more wires and clutter. Many people desire a “wireless” appearance, and this is something that is not easy especially with devices in multiple rooms. Unfortunately, the issue goes deeper than mere aesthetics, according to the U.S. Fire Administration there are 26,100 fires annually within residential areas. It is estimated that half of these fires are caused by faulty wires, poor maintenance, and dangerous handling. A great solution for people who want to improve the safety of their home and still enjoy a great home entertainment system is structured wiring.

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House of Worship AV Installations: 5 Things to Keep in Mind


Elevate the Worship Experience with High-Quality AV

If you’re considering giving your house of worship an AV upgrade, or perhaps preparing for installing a system in a new building, there are a few things you should know. The first thing is that the quality of the AV setup can make a big impact on the quality of the worship experience, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing it right the first time. We’ve been doing professional audio video installations throughout the Tampa, Florida area since 1995, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two. Keep reading to learn the key to making your house of worship’s AV system perform well and reliably for years to come.

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Audio Video Installation Clearwater | Tampa


At AV Specialists we do audio video installation in the Clearwater, Tampa at St. Petersburg, Florida area. As the owner of an AV design and installation business, I am often surprised by the amount of really bad workmanship I see in my travels. Sometimes it amazes me that contractors actually get paid when I see what their jobs look like.

It's not uncommon to see cables hanging from the TV instead of being neatly zip tied together. I also often see TV's that are not hung straight and you can obviously see that they are mounted on a tilt. 

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AV Installation | Things you should consider before purchasing a TV


There are a few things to consider here. One is how far you are going to be sitting away from the display. That's pretty easy to figure with a simple formula. It's also important that the TV looks good, wherever you decide to have mounted. A large screen TV can be made to look very small on a long blank wall. The opposite of this is also true. A relatively small 32" TV can look monstrous and out of place on top of a small dresser or cabinet. If you have enough room and can sit a reasonable distance from the display, buy the largest screen size you can. I have never had a single customer want to switch to a smaller TV. I have had many that later wished they’d have gone larger. This rule does not apply the same when applied to projector.

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How "not" to install a Flat Panel TV | AV Installation


When I'm out and about I often run into poor AV installations. There are many reasons that I would consider the installations poor. Sometimes it's merely an ugly or sloppy installation. More often than not, it's a sloppy installation and also a poorly chosen product. 

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How To Enhance Your Game Day Experience


With the NFL season fast approaching, it’s time to get your home ready with some of the latest equipment available to improve your gameday experience. If you’re looking to be the envy of your friends and neighbors, it’s important that you invest in the latest and greatest audio visual equipment.  If you enjoy being the host of the party, you want to ensure that your guests have a great time. Technology has improved the gameday experience dramatically, especially over the last few years.  From upgrades to televisions, surround sound, home automation and furniture, there are many ways you can guarantee your home becomes the place to be for premier sporting events.  

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Professional AV Installation: What Will It Cost?


Starting a discussion about AV Installation can feel intimidating, particularly when so many corporate settings are trying to reduce overhead cost. In recent years, there's been a transition from focusing on cost to, instead, focusing on the quality of the system installed.

Overall, this is a positive trend, but when considering initial installation- or a system upgrade- what is a reasonable expectation of cost? The short answer is that cost will vary widely depending on the type of system installed, the trained professional installing the system, and the environment including not only the local cost of living but also, the dimensions, complexity, and specifications of the installation space. While each of these factors may be dependent on others, and no specific monetary cost can be quoted that would apply to everyone, let's discuss the cost we can universally evaluate.

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These Are the 5 Business AV Trends You’ll Love in 2018


Don’t Miss These Audio Video Installation Upgrades in the New Year

This year has been pretty exciting in business technology.

But with 2018 right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the kinds of tech that you’ll be using in the New Year to enhance the audio video installation in your Tampa, FL business.

With the increase in 4K Ultra HD content and lossless audio, the issue isn’t necessarily display technology, but how you and your staff will access it.

Here, we’ll show you some of the cool business trends that will help you view and manage all of the hi-res content you’ll be using next year.

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Video Projector Installation | My current favorite projector


Obviously being in this business we do a lot of jobs that require the installation of a video projector. There are multiple issues we run into when we visit a job site to tale a look at the project. One major issue is, currently almost any laptop you'll buy is going to be a widescreen laptop. The widescreen has become, it seems the de facto standard. However, most companies that have had an AV setup for any length of time, seem to usually have the old 4:3 ratio screens. This presents a problem because the preferred "new" source is widescreen but the display area is not. Not every customer wants to change a perfectly good screen just because they are replacing the projector.

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