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Don’t Call the TV Guy. Call the AV Guy for Installation!


One-Stop Shopping for All of Your Florida Home’s AV Needs

It happens often. Someone bought a TV at the nearby big-box retailer, but they need a professional to mount it in their Clearwater, FL home. So, they call us. Unfortunately for the customer, they didn’t necessarily save any money, and the TV isn’t an excellent match for their home theater or media room setup.

If the customer had called AV Specialists first to buy their TV, we could have provided a TV that matches perfectly to their entertainment needs. Plus, we’re experts at installing TVs as well as accompanying components like surround sound, receivers, wiring, and more.

Keep reading to learn why it’s best to call the AV guy, not the TV guy, for superior TV installations in your Florida home.

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Sony 4K and 8K TVs: The Best Choices for New TV Installation


The Latest Sony TVs Capture the Eye and the Imagination with Outstanding Realism

Take your home entertainment experience to the next level! When it’s time to buy a new TV, don’t settle for the ordinary. In fact, you can do even better than HD. Sony offers 4K and 8K TVs that immerse you in your favoritemovies. Amazingly realistic, the images go far beyond full HD. Whether you’re watching a movie, TV show, or sporting event, you’ll be surprised by the enhanced color, depth, and richness of the images.  

Are you ready for new TV installation? Read our latest blog to see why Sony is the way to go and how AV Specialists in Clearwater, FL, can set you up for home entertainment at its finest.

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