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3 Ways to Get Started with Smart Home Automation in 2021

3 Ways to Get Started with Smart Home Automation in 2021

Build Your Florida Smart Home Your Way With These Key Features

These days, there’s a smart device for nearly everything. With so much variety, homeowners looking to make their homes smarter can approach the idea very differently than their neighbors. Some may be interested in energy-efficient solutions like automated lighting and shading while others may care more about simplifying the control of their audio-video equipment.

One of the many notable benefits of adding a smart home automation system like Control4 or Savant to your property is that you can start in one area, like smart lighting control, and integrate more devices and systems later if you so choose. There’s really no wrong way to begin. Read below for three ideas on how you can start building your smart home this year in Clearwater, FL.

4 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Entertainment System This Summer


Outdoor AV Paired with Smart Home Automation Makes Every Backyard Activity Better

At AV Specialists, we believe home entertainment shouldn’t be confined to the indoors. Weatherproof TVs and speakers offer limitless possibilities for enjoying your patio, deck, or pool. Plus, when paired with smart home automation, controlling your technology and content sources is easier than ever.

With summer approaching, now is the time to prepare your exterior living spaces in Belleair, FL for fun in the sun! While you clean the pool and tend to your gardens, consider adding an outdoor entertainment system, too. Keep reading to learn four fun ways to use your system this summer.

5 Ideas for Getting More Use from Smart Home Tech


Put Your Smart Home Automation System to Work

Smart home automation technology is amazing. It’s fully customizable and can do so many different things. But the big question is this: are you taking advantage of your system’s full capabilities? If you’re ready to go past simply turning off the lights using your phone, then read on. Below, we cover some fun ideas for going beyond the basics with the automation system in your Palm Harbor, FL home.

6 Ways to Do More with Amazon Alexa

6 Ways to Do More with Amazon Alexa

Smart Home Automation and Alexa are a Perfect Match

The Amazon Echo really is an amazing device—just plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and enjoy having your own voice-controlled assistant! The smart device hit more than 10,000 unique skills in February of this year, so there certainly are plenty of things you can take advantage of.

But get this: late last year, Experian did a survey to find out exactly how people were using Amazon Alexa. The most commonly tried skills were setting a timer (84.9%), playing a song (82.4%), and reading the news (66%). Those are useful skills, but if you want to do more with your Alexa in your St. Petersburg, FL home, then it’s time to explore smart home automation. Keep reading to learn about these creative ways to put voice control to work.

Control4 Home Automation: The Possibilities are Endless


Control 4 offers the ultimate in home automation navigation. With several advancements and additional products becoming available, there are countless ways you can use this technology to make your life more relaxing, organized and secure. And let’s not forget about the fun you can have with Control 4 automation. With the ability to create different “scenes” that pair together the automation of several devices at once, personalized home automation is becoming reality. Here are some of our favorite ways to indulge in one of the great luxuries of the present, and future.

Control4 Expands Smart Home Automation Solutions


3 Smart and Unique Features from Control4

Since 1995, AV Specialists has been bringing the residents of Clearwater, Florida and beyond the best smart home automation solutions and services the industry has to offer. We’ve built our business on passion for home technology and incredible customer service. Control4 is certainly our top-recommended manufacturer for smart home systems. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also leading innovators – always offering new and improved products that are relevant to today’s generation. Here are a few of their newer features that we think you’ll love.

Entertaining Friends, Family and Yourself with Control4


The variety of devices that can be used through Control 4 technology is increasing exponentially.  As demand grows, appliance, technology and entertainment producers are taking note.  The statistics don’t lie.  The average Control 4 home has 40 devices connected and some larger residences have over 250.  Those that are new to home automation may not be aware of all of the devices that can be connected through Control 4.  This technology is at the cutting edge of the industry and the options that consumers have will continually increase.  Home entertainment, security and basic time savers are all becoming much easier with Control 4. Here are some of the features available in regards to entertainment and some new products you can purchase to take advantage of Control 4 home automation.

Improve Your Tampa Home with Smart Home Automation


Why You Should Add Lighting Control to Your Smart Home

Have you been considering turning your Tampa, Florida home into a “smart home”? If so, you’ve probably looked into all the ways to upgrade the different aspects of your home: HVAC, smart security, home audio video…the list goes on. Here at AV Specialists, we believe lighting control is a great starting point for smart home automation. Continue reading to learn why.

Is Consolidated Home Automation Right for Your Home?


Today's homes are more technological than ever. Pools and spas, lighting, and even window coverings can be controlled with the push of a button. But, using multiple applications, and maybe even multiple devices to perform simple everyday tasks defeats the purpose of automation - convenience. Luckily, there's a better way to manage your increasingly high-tech home. Having various systems controlled by a consolidated home automation device allows you to control your home with ease.

New Year, New Technology: 3 Smart Home Upgrades for 2018


Enhance Your Tampa, FL Residence With These Tech Advancements

The new year is just around the corner, and that means you have an opportunity to start fresh in 2018.

You can make resolutions to improve your health, but why not also commit to adding convenience in your day-to-day life?

Even if you already have a smart home automation system in your Tampa, Florida residence, there always are upgrades available that can provide new benefits for your lifestyle and peace of mind.

Below, we’ll share three home automation trends you should be paying attention to in the new year – and explain how each can enhance your smart home.

Simplify Your Fall Routine Changes with Smart Home Automation

Simplify Your Fall Routine Changes with Smart Home Automation

As Summer Comes to an End, Control4 Can Help You Start Fall on the Right Foot

The summer is coming to an end, which means vacation is over and routines are changing. Maybe your kids are preparing for school, or perhaps you’re transitioning to a more rigorous work schedule. Whatever the changes, starting new routines can often be difficult. Smart home automation can help ease the transition to new schedules and make a hectic day a little more fun for you and the family.

As a certified Control4 dealer, AV Specialists can help you take advantage of smart home automation to make new routines a breeze in Belleair, FL. Learn how below!


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