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How Does A Control4 Dealer Optimize Your Smart Home?


Learn the Benefits of a Professional Control4 Installation

You recently visited a friend’s house and saw them using a Control4 smart home control system to set their lights, adjust the thermostat, and control their media from their smartphone. Impressed by the functionality of the system, you're now considering giving your own Clearwater home a smart automation upgrade, but where do you start? The individual devices can be tricky to set up on their own, and bringing them all together on the same network is a formidable endeavor.

A Control4 dealer like AV Specialists has the experience and knowledge to create a smart home control system customized to your specific needs. Read on to learn how a professional Control4 installation gives you the best long-term performance.

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How to Control Music Throughout Your Home with Control4


Easily Enjoy High-Quality Tunes Anywhere and Everywhere

Music uplifts every activity at home, from cooking in the kitchen to exercising in the garage gym to hosting a party in the backyard. What if you could play music from any source in any room at the touch of a button? That’s the magic of a multi-room audio system.

As a certified Control4 dealer, we love to celebrate Control4 as one of the best multi-room audio systems on the market. Control4 not only offers various personalized ways to browse and control music, but it also grants you easy access to the rest of your smart home from the same platform!

In this blog, we’re exploring five unique ways you can command your Control4 multi-room audio system. Each is simple, seamless, and suited for everyone in your Clearwater, FL home. Find out more below!

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New Home or Remodeling? Control4 is the Smart Home Upgrade You Need


Why A Smart Home Automation System is A Great Investment

If you’re looking to add a spark to a new home or unique remodeling ideas for your existing one, smart home technology is a great place to start. Renovating doesn’t have to mean new furniture, tearing down walls, or changing your room’s color palette. Making a technology upgrade using Control4 can immediately make your Clearwater home more beautiful, comfortable and fun.

As your local Control4 dealers, we’d love to show you how a home automation system can completely transform your space. Maybe you're looking for new ways to entertain guests, or you want to streamline your home's style. Everyone can find unique ways to take advantage of intuitive and automated control of their technology.

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