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How Your Smart Home Optimizes Natural and Artificial Lighting

A living area with varying light fixtures and drawn shades overlooking the ocean.

A Whole-Home Lighting Control System Manages Your Lighting with One Touch

Whole home lighting control is one of the most popular smart home technologies. Gone are the light switches and dimmer controls and going from room to room, turning lights on and off. In their place are elegant custom-engraved in-wall keypads, touchscreens, and remotes. Now, with one touch, you control every light in every room. 

Did you forget to turn off a few lights when you left for work? Or, maybe you’re getting home later than expected and wish you’d left the security and front entrance lights on. Simply pull up your smartphone app from wherever you are in the world, and with one tap, it's done. As you can see, smart lighting control makes managing your home’s lighting in Tampa, FL, effortless. Let’s explore the possibilities.

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