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2 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Conference Room Audio/Video Setup

2 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Conference Room Audio/Video Setup

Advantages of Having Your Own Modern In-House AV System

If your hotel or business’ conference center in Tampa, FL is still renting audio visual equipment from a third-party, you might want to consider installing your own conference room audio/video setup.

These AV rental companies typically offer packaged solutions for each event your venue is hosting. And immediately there are always several concerns that arise: Is the quality of equipment going to be adequate? How long will it take to set up? Am I getting enough AV equipment for this specific event? Am I getting too much?

In order to get rid of all the coordinating and planning that occurs when you outsource your technical needs, AV Specialists can install a versatile conference room audio video system into your conference center or auditorium that can be adjusted to suit the specifics of each event. Read on to learn why an in-house audio-video system is better than renting.

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2019 Business Resolution: Invest In A New A/V System

2019 Business Resolution: Invest In A New A/V System

Enhance Your Office With High-Performance Conference Room Audio/Video

As you head into the new year, you’re looking for new ways to improve your company and help your business grow. Your conference room is an essential space in your Tampa, FL office, and upgrading the technology in that area makes your staff more productive while elevating your company’s profile in the eyes of clients who visit your office. In this blog, we look at key conference room audio/video enhancements that will elevate the technological capabilities of your Tampa business.

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Smart Technology Upgrades To Help Keep Your Business Secure


From Conference Room Audio Video Control to Surveillance Cameras

Your office is the central hub of your business, and it’s filled with valuable technology and sensitive information that can make it a target. How secure is your Tampa office? Do you have security measures in place to protect both physical and digital assets? Are you able to access your security technology from your personal smart device? If your answer is no, you’re not taking full advantage of what modern technology offers when it comes to safeguarding your commercial property and information.

Read on to learn about smart security upgrades that can improve the safety of your Tampa office and increase the functionality of commercial automation technology and conference room audio video systems.

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The Latest Conference Room Audio Video Trend: Solstice


The Smarter Approach to Collaborative Meetings

Conference room audio video technologies are evolving every day. This is good news for Tampa, Florida businesses – the latest technologies give opportunities to make everyday operations more efficient and effective. One business AV trend in particular that we’re watching closely is wireless display technology for conference rooms and huddle rooms. It’s amazing how easy it is to collaborate wirelessly now, and one of the best platforms for achieving that collaboration is Solstice by Mersive.

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The Upgrade Your Conference Room Audio Video Needs


Enhance Your Work Environment With This Essential Smart Feature

Is your business space in need of a facelift? It may be time to consider upgrading your business’ AV system. From keeping the energy up in meetings to distributing information in an engaging way, conference room audio video can enhance any office space. If you already have an AV system set up — or are just now considering installing one — you’ll want to make sure that it is equipped with the right features.

We’re confident that your Florida business will benefit from having one touch automation and control within your audio video system. See your conference room benefit fully from commercial AV technology by incorporating automation.

In this blog, we’ll look at what exactly one touch automation and control allows you to do with your conference room’s audio video system.

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