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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Setting Up Your Outdoor Sound System

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Setting Up Your Outdoor Sound System

The Right Equipment, Installation, and Control Make All the Difference

Today, our homes have expanded, with beautiful outdoor areas that become an extension of our indoor living spaces. In Tampa, FL, many of us spend more time outside in our own oasis than we do in the interior of our homes.

So, what can make this space the highlight of our living areas? Customized furniture on your patio? An expanded outdoor kitchen? While all of those features can certainly make for a great outdoor living area, sound systems genuinely bring life to the space—creating a place to relax with your favorite tunes, podcasts, or the big game, while enjoying time with family and friends.

Let’s look at how to make the best outdoor sound system and the common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when creating your backyard retreat.

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A Quick Guide to Sound System Installations


5 Steps to Superior Sound in Your Belleair Home

There’s a lot more to producing high-quality audio than simply plugging in some speakers. A great many factors can affect how music sounds, and each one of these things needs to be considered during the installation process. If you’re considering adding a sound system to your Florida home, then keep reading. We’ll go over our process as audio video installers for ensuring that your system is set up for success.

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Bringing Iconic McIntosh Audio into Your Home


In the last few years, it has become anything but out of the ordinary for smart phones and tablets to be most people’s source of music. However, nothing can hold up to the pure sound quality of a home audio system. Since 1949, Mcintosh has been creating a legendary listening experience. Many famous musicians, recording artists and producers like the Greatful Dead, Earth, Wind and Fire and the Beach Boys have selected McIntosh audio systems for the rich quality of sound, to experience music the way it should be. The McIntosh founding fathers created a solid foundation based on sound business and scientific principles that continue to guide the company today and continue to provide stat of the art listening.

There are countless ways to utilize a home audio system in your home. Any room could benefit from a little McIntosh sound. 

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For High-Quality Sound Systems, Choose McIntosh


McIntosh Provides the Quality and Versatility You’re Looking For

Audio equipment brands play a huge role in the quality and type of sound systems. Generic stereos may cut it for some people, but for true audiophiles, nothing beats the crystal clear tones of McIntosh. In this blog, we will cover the background of why McIntosh sound systems are held in such high esteem in the A/V community, then discuss which McIntosh products are a good starting point for your home in Tampa, Florida.

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A Professional AV Installer’s Favorite Music for Testing a Sound System, Part 2


An Update to My Favorite Music for Evaluating a System

A while back I wrote a blog about my favorite music to listen to when evaluating a system. I decided that though many of those CD's are still so awesome to hear, I've felt that I had so much more to add to the list. As stated in the last article, being a professional AV installer is kind of cool. Everyone is always bringing in music and saying things like listen to this or that. Or, you need to hear what these sound like. Or, check these out and listen to the difference, or something along those lines. At trade shows people are always playing what they think really shows off their systems. From the various trade shows I've often heard and learned about some good music I didn't already know. Even including tracks from artists like Beck and Dianna Krall that I did know. One of the CD's that is on this list was brought in by my AudioQuest representative.

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Getting the Best Sound from Conference and Board Room Speaker Systems


If you are planning on upgrading your conference and board room speaker systems, the speaker placement and configuration is essential. One way to tell if you are in need of a conference room sound system upgrade is if you are experiencing inconsistent sound and volume levels throughout your space. When you are making the decision on new speaker installations, there are a few things to consider for installation.

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How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Customer Experience

How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Customer Experience

An Outdoor Sound System is the Perfect Option for Florida Businesses

Last month on our residential blog, we talked about how to avoid common mistakes when setting up an outdoor sound system. Of course, homeowners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from outdoor sound. The residential guide is still applicable for business setups, but today, let’s go one step further to talk about the best ways that businesses throughout the Palm Harbor or Tampa, FL area can use outdoor audio to their advantage.

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Marantz Reference | Sometimes it's just about the music


The best speakers money can buy will never live up to their potential if they are not hooked up to quality components. That is why I am excited about the Marantz product line. Their single philosophy of "Because Music Matters" should tell you all you need to know about the brand. Your Tampa Bay area home audio system will not be complete without Marantz Reference Series components.

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Monitor Audio, Ceiling Speakers - Serious Sound


This is the best ceiling speaker I've had in my possession to date. It's built very solid but more importantly it sounds like a floor standing tower speaker.

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My Favorite "Music" for Testing a System


Some recordings just plain sound good. To me it seems, more so than in any of the other genre's, Jazz recordings just always sound really good. These jazz recordings mentioned seem to stand otu and even sound good on very "average" systems. It's not just jazz that sounds good, there are other styles too. Including folk, classical, rock and so on. This list is not meant to be a true audiophile list but rather a list of great music for your average person that enjoys good quality music that sounds great.

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Outdoor Sound Systems Designed for Florida Weather


When you're looking to spend time outdoors enjoying the weather and your backyard setting, music is a must. With a well-planned system that can withstand erratic Tampa Bay weather patterns, you can create audio accompaniments for any outdoor activity. Here are a few things that you may want to consider when designing your outdoor sound system.

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Setting Up an Outdoor Sound System? Avoid these 3 Mistakes!


Embrace Outdoor Audio at Your Florida Property

Spring is right around the corner, and Tampa is already experiencing gorgeous weather that makes us all want to head outside. What better way to enhance your patio or backyard than with an outdoor sound system? Before we get into all the ways that outdoor audio can improve your life, let’s talk about the importance of setting it up the right way. Below, we cover three common mistakes that people tend to make when adding an audio system to their outdoor spaces.

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Sonos vs. HEOS Wireless Whole Home Speakers Review


The wireless speaker market as we know it didn’t really exist until Sonos arrived with its modular system of small speakers which could be bought piecemeal and configured around the house as desired by the user. In a world of expensive, low quality speaker sets with unreliable connections, Sonos went from unknown to beloved brand overnight. Sonos has fended off competition from more recognized names including Bose, Samsung, and LG.

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The Worst Residential Sound System Advice We've Ever Heard


When designing a residential sound system, one simple mistake can drastically decrease your sound quality. You don't want to end up with a system that blows you out of the room, doesn't have the sound quality you were expecting, or does not put out the volume you were expecting, even with the volume turned all the way up. How do you avoid these mistakes? Here's a look at the some things you should never do: the worst residential sound system advice we've ever heard. 

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Totem Speakers | Clearwater


In this article we’ll take a look at Totem Speakers. They have been around for over 25 years, making quality speakers that are not compromised by market pressure. The Totem Speakers name is synonymous with attention to detail, uncompromising design and engineering, and critical listening tests. Seriously consider this world class speaker manufacturer if you are looking for speakers to perfect your listening experience in your Clearwater home.

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Why Choose Marantz for Your Sound System?


Marantz is a Must-Have for High-End Sound Systems

Choosing an audio brand is a big part of adding a high-quality sound system to your home. The right brand can make your home feel like a concert hall or amphitheater, with you sitting center stage for the performance. Here at AV Specialists, one of our favorite audio brands is Marantz. Read on to learn more about this innovative audio company and how their AV equipment can enhance the listening experience in your Clearwater, Florida home.

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Improving Privacy Index with Sound Masking Technology

Protecting personal information and data is a common theme in both personal and workplace life. Beyond protecting data, many industries are now required or need to protect conversations being had throughout the office.  The modern office is an open cubicle setting with everyone sharing common space. Not only does this affect the ability to have a private conversation, it can greatly reduce productivity and create distractions.

Understanding the Privacy Index

To put it simply, privacy index (PI) is a measurement of the level of privacy in a given area. The range for PI scores is 0% (No Privacy) to 100% (Confidential Privacy).  A score of 70% offers a minimal level of speech privacy to improve worker performance. The more difficult it is for speech to be understood across a distance or through a medium, the higher the privacy index. The higher the privacy index, the more comfortable a person can feel about a conversation without being overheard or distracting others.

What is Sound Masking?

Sound masking is low level background noise that gently and precisely masks human speech, giving you speech privacy. The sound emitted by most sound masking technology is comparable to that of an A/C unit or airflow and is used to increase speech privacy as well as lower distractions. A growing number of companies use music for a similar purpose, but this can cause more distractions and decrease productivity. Music doesn’t actually mask sound. It just adds to the din. To truly mask sound, the additional sound needs to be known, yet unnoticeable.

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