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A Guide to Different Surveillance Camera Options


Ensure Your Saint Petersburg, FL Home Remains Secure

If you want to make your home safer, surveillance cameras are a great place to start. Whether you want to keep an eye on your property or you want to reduce the risk of potential threats, smart cameras can help. But with so many different options available, you may not know where to start with your system. In this blog, we’ll help you understand the benefits of different smart camera features that you can enjoy in your Saint Petersburg, FL home. Read on for more!

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3 Benefits of Adding Surveillance Cameras to Your Vacation Home

3 Benefits of Adding Surveillance Cameras to Your Vacation Home

If you’re like many of the people who have purchased a vacation home in the sunny St. Petersburg area, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of maintaining a second property from far away. It’s tough to make sure the house is in good condition when you live up north – you either have to hire someone to watch the property for you or fly down yourself to check on it. 

Fortunately, the latest trend for vacation homes solves this problem. The solution is to install smart surveillance cameras throughout the home. These cameras offer many more benefits than you might think. Keep reading to learn why they’re a smart investment for your vacation property.

1. Peace of Mind

Is your vacation home okay? Has there been a leak or a break in? Did you forget to lock the front door when you left it last? Everything is likely fine, but that doesn’t change that nagging worrisome thought in the back of your head. Smart surveillance cameras allow you to immediately put your mind at ease. Simply pull out your smartphone or tablet, open up the app, and select the camera you want to view. Instantly, you can see real-time footage of the home and know exactly what is going on in each area.

2. Easier Property Management

Instead of paying a property management firm to monitor the vacation home on a regular basis, you can use the cameras to check on things in seconds. For example, you could use the camera footage for the outdoor areas to see if it’s time to schedule lawn maintenance. The week before you’re scheduled to visit the vacation home, check through each surveillance feed to see if any areas need cleaning or repairs.

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