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Using Multi-Room Audio with a Smart Home System


Experience Your Favorite Music in an Entirely New Way  

Do you consider yourself a music buff? Do you carefully curate playlists for different moods and genres, or do you own all the records of your favorite artists? Maybe you’re a podcast fan who loves to learn new things while cooking, cleaning, or exercising. 

No matter your preferred audio medium, you can soundtrack your daily life and enjoy listening more often with a multi-room audio system. If you’re new to whole-home audio, it’s a series of speakers across your home that are all connected to play in sync. So, you can select a song, and it will play through every room! 

Whole-home speakers are an excellent way to bring family and friends together at celebrations, and you can listen while walking about the house without headphones. That way, you’re never closed off from your household and don’t have to worry about tangled wires or charging wireless earbuds.

We think the best way to approach multi-room audio is with a smart home system. If you already own a home automation system like Control4, Crestron, or Savant, or if you’re planning to invest in one, you’re in luck. Read on to see how you can leverage your Tampa, FL smart home with multi-room audio. 


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