3 Standout Features of a Savant Smart Home System


Partner with a Savant Dealer to Enjoy These Features in Your Home

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners turn to home automation is for convenience. All home devices are connected and orchestrated through one smart home operating system, allowing you to control and interact with everything from lights to locks to shades and more from one place.

While that convenience should be celebrated, the features of leading home automation platforms like Savant don’t stop there. While Savant is primarily a home automation platform, it also offers other unparalleled products and features that enhance the home living experience.

Keep reading to check out three standout features of a Savant smart home system. And if you’re intrigued, contact AV Specialists, an elite Savant dealer, to learn how you can bring one (or all) to your Tampa, FL home!

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5 Ideas for Getting More Use from Smart Home Tech


Put Your Smart Home Automation System to Work

Smart home automation technology is amazing. It’s fully customizable and can do so many different things. But the big question is this: are you taking advantage of your system’s full capabilities? If you’re ready to go past simply turning off the lights using your phone, then read on. Below, we cover some fun ideas for going beyond the basics with the automation system in your Palm Harbor, FL home.

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How Your Business Can Boost Energy Efficiency With Lighting Control


Find Out How Custom Lighting Can Impact Your Office’s Energy Consumption

Does boosting your business’ energy efficiency sound appealing to you?

Not only could it save your business on energy consumption costs, but you also can take pride in owning an environmentally friendly operation.

If you aren’t sure where to start, though, we’re here to help.

As custom technology experts, the AV Specialists team can provide your St. Petersburg, FL office with an energy-saving solution: Lighting control.

How can smart lighting be an energy-efficient addition to your business? Keep reading to find out!

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Improve Your Tampa Home with Smart Home Automation


Why You Should Add Lighting Control to Your Smart Home

Have you been considering turning your Tampa, Florida home into a “smart home”? If so, you’ve probably looked into all the ways to upgrade the different aspects of your home: HVAC, smart security, home audio video…the list goes on. Here at AV Specialists, we believe lighting control is a great starting point for smart home automation. Continue reading to learn why.

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In Home Lighting and More with Lutron Radio RA 2


Originally billed as a simple – if somewhat elegant – wireless lighting control system, the Lutron RadioRA 2 is actually a far more versatile total home control system that will amaze you with its range of capabilities. In addition to controlling the amount of in home lighting through the use of dimmers and other switches, the RadioRA 2 also affords remote control of the window shades and the thermostat settings as well as control of other appliances.

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The Basics of Tunable Lighting for Your Tampa Home


Learn the benefits of tunable lighting control for your home this summer.

Tunable lighting is a newer innovation in the lighting industry and can improve the livability of your home by enhancing your comfort and wellness and boosting your productivity throughout your day. Our team at AV Specialists offers a variety of smart home solutions for properties in the Tampa area, and tunable lighting is a newer technology we’ve been quick to add to our service offerings.

Both brightness and color temperature can be adjusted with tunable lighting, syncing with your circadian rhythm. Brightness and color temperature shifts also bring the benefits of the Florida outdoors inside, without the extra summer heat!

Keep reading below to learn the basics of tunable lighting and how this home lighting control solution can help improve your life.

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The Best Options for Boardroom Automation Technology


Learn Which Products Will Work Best in Your Tampa Boardroom

If you have decided to take advantage of boardroom automation technology in your Tampa, FL business, the next logical step is choosing which products will give you the reliable, convenient experience you want for your clients and employees. Our boardroom integrators understand which products excel at improving productivity and client experiences. Below, we’ve covered some of the best boardroom automation technologies available today.

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The Freshest Ideas in Home Energy Management


Go green and control heat this summer with Control4!

If one of your resolutions for the year was becoming more mindful of your environment and resources, it’s never too late to start. As the weather gets warmer, it’s even more vital that you control your energy expenditure. We’ll explore some of the tips to stay cool while conserving vital resources.

Let’s look a little more closely at some of the top home energy management trends that affect your Palm Harbor, FL, home. With a little assistance from AV Specialist and leading technology from Control4, you can implement these tips as summer approaches.

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What Makes a Spectacular Home Theater System?


Don’t Forget These Design Elements to Create Your Perfect Private Cinema

Something magical happens when you go to the movies. After entering the theater doors, you step into another world where anything becomes possible. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, fantasy, comedy, drama, or thrillers, you can immerse yourself in all the action while watching bigger-than-life movies on the big screen.

But what makes it all come to life? It feels like magic, but it’s something you can achieve right in your own Tampa, FL, home. AV Specialists are home theater “magicians” that can make it happen. Keep reading our blog to learn the secrets of having the perfect home theater system.

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Why Should You Want Motorized Shades For Your Business?

Why Should You Want Motorized Shades For Your Business?

Their Purpose Extends Far Beyond Being A Replacement For Manual Blinds

As a business owner in Tampa, Florida, you’re likely no stranger to high cost associated with cooling your office during the year-round tropical heat.

Unfortunately, we can’t make those high temperatures go away.

We can, however, offer a solution that can keep your workplace cool – while simultaneously boosting your office’s efficiency and ambiance.

Motorized shades can be the perfect addition to your Tampa, Florida, business. We explain why in the sections below.

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Why Work with a Lutron Dealer for Your Home Lighting Upgrade?

Why Work with a Lutron Dealer for Your Home Lighting Upgrade?

Learn What Sets Lutron Smart Home Lighting Solutions Apart

Lutron has been a leader in smart lighting systems since the 1950s. Their solutions range from individual dimmers to light management systems for establishments like the New York Times Building! For homes, Lutron’s flexible light control systems offer added convenience, energy efficiency, comfort, and security.

Our team is proud to be a Lutron dealer for our customers in the Clearwater, FL area. If you want to upgrade to smarter lighting, consider Lutron! Their class-leading solutions will exceed your expectations. Read on to learn how Lutron raises the bar in beautiful, intelligent light for the home.

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Two Smart Technologies that Require a Robust Home Network


Your Belleair, FL Home Runs Smoothly When Connected to a Powerful Network

Smart technologies have taken the world by storm and have been infiltrating our homes in recent years. As your home gets smarter, your home network must be able to support an increase in internet-connected devices so that your systems remain reliable in speed and performance around the clock.

Sure, you could go the DIY route and add a modem and router to your Belleair, FL home and call it a day, but would that be enough? Would you have an intelligently designed home network custom to your property, ensuring certain types of traffic are prioritized over others? Would your home theater, lighting control system, and personal smart devices work without a hitch? With a DIY home network installation, the answer is probably not.

Keep reading to learn about two smart home technologies that benefit from an expertly designed custom home network with quality products from Pakedge.

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