Audio Distribution Creates a Remarkable Work Environment


Learn What a Commercial Sound System Can Do for Your Business

Are you operating your business without a commercial sound system? You'll be happy to learn that a commercial distributed audio system combined with smart technology can create a remarkable work environment. Improve the overall function of your business with just a tap of a button to set the perfect mood.

Let's look at what these systems offer your workspace in Tampa, FL.

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Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Setting Up Your Outdoor Sound System

Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Setting Up Your Outdoor Sound System

The Right Equipment, Installation, and Control Make All the Difference

Today, our homes have expanded, with beautiful outdoor areas that become an extension of our indoor living spaces. In Tampa, FL, many of us spend more time outside in our own oasis than we do in the interior of our homes.

So, what can make this space the highlight of our living areas? Customized furniture on your patio? An expanded outdoor kitchen? While all of those features can certainly make for a great outdoor living area, sound systems genuinely bring life to the space—creating a place to relax with your favorite tunes, podcasts, or the big game, while enjoying time with family and friends.

Let’s look at how to make the best outdoor sound system and the common mistakes you’ll want to avoid when creating your backyard retreat.

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Motorized Window Shades Bring Ease and Convenience to Homeowners

Motorized Window Shades Bring Ease and Convenience to Homeowners

Is It Time to Install These Shades in Your Home?

You may have heard about the beauty, elegance, and increased functionality that occurs when you add motorized shades to your Tampa, FL home. At AV Specialists, we partner with industry leaders that take home automation to incredible heights. One of these is Lutron.

These shades can be controlled with one touch on a customized in-wall keypad, touchscreen, tablet, or smartphone. They can also automatically adjust throughout the day. Our certified technicians can program them to rise with the early morning sun, letting natural daylight wake you. 

They can also automatically close at a specific time of day or when you leave your home. These shades can even adjust throughout the day based on the sun's position, climate control, and natural light levels.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Technology has truly transformed our lives. So, how do you know when it's time to install Lutron’s motorized shades in your home? Let's look at a few of the key clues and how these shades can solve everyday household challenges.

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Are You Meeting Your Client’s Lighting Goals?


Our Smart Lighting Systems Bring Your Projects to Life

Every architect and interior designer knows how important lighting is to staging a home. As part of the overall design, it's important to understand the role of lights in each room. Reaching out to lighting designers is becoming more common in luxury builds, but knowing which high-end fixtures to use and where to place them is just the beginning. 

Truly elevating a home requires intuitive control of those lights as well. A smart lighting system lets homeowners fully leverage their lighting to better achieve their design or architectural vision. At the most basic level, you want to ensure lights facilitate their everyday tasks, boost their mood, and enhance their décor. This blog showcases how smart lighting systems help you accomplish these goals in your St. Petersburg, FL projects. 

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Using Multi-Room Audio with a Smart Home System


Experience Your Favorite Music in an Entirely New Way  

Do you consider yourself a music buff? Do you carefully curate playlists for different moods and genres, or do you own all the records of your favorite artists? Maybe you’re a podcast fan who loves to learn new things while cooking, cleaning, or exercising. 

No matter your preferred audio medium, you can soundtrack your daily life and enjoy listening more often with a multi-room audio system. If you’re new to whole-home audio, it’s a series of speakers across your home that are all connected to play in sync. So, you can select a song, and it will play through every room! 

Whole-home speakers are an excellent way to bring family and friends together at celebrations, and you can listen while walking about the house without headphones. That way, you’re never closed off from your household and don’t have to worry about tangled wires or charging wireless earbuds.

We think the best way to approach multi-room audio is with a smart home system. If you already own a home automation system like Control4, Crestron, or Savant, or if you’re planning to invest in one, you’re in luck. Read on to see how you can leverage your Tampa, FL smart home with multi-room audio. 

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How to Improve the Audio Performance in Your Home Theater

How to Improve the Audio Performance in Your Home Theater

Consider the Following Tips from Our Home Theater Installation Experts

Are you missing the sound quality you’d hoped for from your home theater installation? Before you start from scratch, we have a few tips that should help reveal the sound quality you crave without needing a new system. Although, if you think it’s time to upgrade, we have suggestions for that, too!

Below is a list of five tips that will help beef up the audio performance in your home theater. Plus, if you need further assistance, you can always request a free consultation with our local home theater experts in St. Petersburg, FL!

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Quick Guide: Finding the Right Speakers for Your Home Audio System


Your Speaker Options Are Vast! Let’s Help You Narrow Them Down

When you purchase a car or kitchen appliance, you don’t go in blind. You want this item to serve you well and last for years, so you do your research first.

The same can be said about home audio systems. To find the right home audio equipment that brings out the best in your music and movies, you need to know what to look for.

While it’s important to note that home audio systems aren’t only about the speakers, you can’t enjoy sound without them. So, which types of speakers should you consider for your desired setup in your St. Petersburg, FL home? Let us help! Use the quick guide below to narrow down your options.

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How to Design a Conference Room for the Hybrid Workplace


Does Your Commercial Audio Video Installation Benefit Onsite and Remote Staff?

The conference room is the heart of your business. It’s where your team brainstorms new ideas, makes important decisions, and celebrates big wins.

While the traditional conference room is designed to support in-person collaboration, today’s workforce is shifting to a hybrid model as more staff work from home. If you have a dispersed team, you’ll need to redesign your conference room to support collaboration between onsite and offsite workers.

Below are a few tips to consider as you reassess your commercial audio-video installation and conference room design to meet the new demands of your distributed team in Tampa, FL and beyond.

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4 Critical Features to Look for in a Smart Home System

4 Critical Features to Look for in a Smart Home System

You Deserve a Smart Home That’s Truly Connected, Customizable, and Simple to Use

What does it mean to have a smart home? It’s more than installing a few smart devices and managing them from multiple apps. A true smart home is an experience: It makes every interaction with your technology simple and fun. It connects your devices to work in unison and adapts to your needs.

Unfortunately, not all smart home systems are created equal. As you start your smart home journey in St Petersburg, FL, be sure to look for these four critical features if you desire a truly connected, customizable, and intuitive smart home experience.

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Has Your Smart Home Company Left You High and Dry?

Has Your Smart Home Company Left You High and Dry?

A Better Support Experience Awaits with AV Specialists

Too often, homeowners in Tampa, FL are left to their own devices when something goes wrong with their smart home system because their installer is nowhere to be found. They don’t answer support calls or even offer aftercare services. Why should you be responsible for troubleshooting your technology?

When you hire a smart home company like AV Specialists, you can brush that responsibility and frustration off your shoulders. Rather than saying goodbye after installation, we offer service plans that ensure around-the-clock support when you have questions or when your technology needs a checkup.

Learn what these service plans entail below!

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5 Qualities of a Trustworthy Smart Home Company

5 Qualities of a Trustworthy Smart Home Company

The Integrator You Hire Can Make or Break Your Smart Home Experience

You’ve decided to turn your St. Petersburg, FL house into a smart home. Congratulations! That’s the first step toward a simpler, safer, and greener lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in smart lighting, multiroom music, or whole-home automation, you should hire a smart home company for the best results.

While product quality matters greatly in building a reliable and easy-to-use smart home system, the company you choose to design and install that system matters even more. But how do you know you’re choosing the right team to bring your smart home dreams to life? Look for these five qualities below.

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3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Outdoor AV System This Fall


Take Backyard Fun to the Next Level with Music, Movies and Sports

We’re closing in on summer, which means cooler weather is on the horizon! In Clearwater, FL, autumn is the perfect time to venture out to the backyard and take advantage of the lower temperatures.

This season, make every moment more magical by equipping your backyard with a custom outdoor AV system! Landscape speakers and outdoor TVs paired with a simple-to-use control system can elevate any backyard activity. Get inspired below by learning three ways you can enjoy your system this fall.

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Get More Out of Meetings with ClearOne Video Collaboration

Get More Out of Meetings with ClearOne Video Collaboration

ClearOne Commercial Audio-Video Tools Help You Meet Today’s Diverse Meeting Demands

Today’s workforce is more distributed than ever, with more companies transitioning to remote operations or a hybrid model that allows employees to work both onsite and offsite. Working remotely offers several advantages, from decreased overhead expenses to flexible work schedules and more.

However, a remote workforce can’t thrive without the tools to facilitate reliable communication and collaboration among a distributed company. ClearOne, a leader in commercial audio-video solutions, helps unite remote teams through video collaboration tools that allow for seamless video conferencing, wireless presentations, interactive whiteboarding and more from any device.

Keep reading to learn more about ClearOne video collaboration tools and how they can help your Tampa, FL team work better together from anywhere.

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Why Work with a Lutron Dealer for Your Home Lighting Upgrade?

Why Work with a Lutron Dealer for Your Home Lighting Upgrade?

Learn What Sets Lutron Smart Home Lighting Solutions Apart

Lutron has been a leader in smart lighting systems since the 1950s. Their solutions range from individual dimmers to light management systems for establishments like the New York Times Building! For homes, Lutron’s flexible light control systems offer added convenience, energy efficiency, comfort, and security.

Our team is proud to be a Lutron dealer for our customers in the Clearwater, FL area. If you want to upgrade to smarter lighting, consider Lutron! Their class-leading solutions will exceed your expectations. Read on to learn how Lutron raises the bar in beautiful, intelligent light for the home.

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Key Features to Look for in a Quality Commercial Sound System


Select the Right Components to Best Meet Your Business Needs

Every business or institution in Tampa, FL needs a high-quality sound system for playing music, making announcements, or amplifying voices in a large room. But choosing the right solution can be challenging if you’re not sure what to look for.

Sound systems include components like speakers, amplifiers, cables, microphones, mixers, volume controls, and more. To design the right solution for your audio needs, you’ll need to think about your commercial environment and how you plan to use your system.

While it’s best to leave the details to a professional audio installer like AV Specialists, we hope this blog serves as a brief guide to helping you decide what you’ll need for your commercial sound system, whether it’s for a restaurant, office, house of worship, or gym.

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Transform Your Interiors with Lutron Motorized Shades

Transform Your Interiors with Lutron Motorized Shades

Discover the Many Stylish Options for Smarter Shading in Your Home

At AV Specialists, we’re committed to offering the absolute best in smart technology solutions for homeowners in Tampa, FL, and surrounding areas. That’s why we’re proud to announce a new partnership with Lutron, a longtime leader in motorized window treatments!

The Lutron profile of motorized shades is vast, with many options to choose from for projects small and large. No matter your style, you’ll be impressed with the sophisticated selection from Lutron. Plus, all their shades feature whisper-quiet motors and are superior in functionality and ease of use.

Get inspired for your shades upgrade by exploring the exceptional shading options from Lutron below.

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How to Control Music Throughout Your Home with Control4


Easily Enjoy High-Quality Tunes Anywhere and Everywhere

Music uplifts every activity at home, from cooking in the kitchen to exercising in the garage gym to hosting a party in the backyard. What if you could play music from any source in any room at the touch of a button? That’s the magic of a multi-room audio system.

As a certified Control4 dealer, we love to celebrate Control4 as one of the best multi-room audio systems on the market. Control4 not only offers various personalized ways to browse and control music, but it also grants you easy access to the rest of your smart home from the same platform!

In this blog, we’re exploring five unique ways you can command your Control4 multi-room audio system. Each is simple, seamless, and suited for everyone in your Clearwater, FL home. Find out more below!

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What Projector and Screen Setup Is Best for Your Home Theater?


Here’s What to Consider When Sorting Through Your Options

When it comes to big-screen movie viewing, it’s hard to beat a projector and screen setup. Home theater projectors and screens can deliver an image that measures 300 inches or more for incredibly immersive viewing experiences from the comforts of home.

If you’re interested in a projector and screen setup for your home theater installation, the display size is just one of many factors to think about when choosing the best solutions. Let our experts at AV Specialists help you narrow down the options! Keep reading to learn about the key considerations to look for when choosing a projector and screen for your St. Petersburg, FL home.

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3 Standout Features of a Savant Smart Home System


Partner with a Savant Dealer to Enjoy These Features in Your Home

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners turn to home automation is for convenience. All home devices are connected and orchestrated through one smart home operating system, allowing you to control and interact with everything from lights to locks to shades and more from one place.

While that convenience should be celebrated, the features of leading home automation platforms like Savant don’t stop there. While Savant is primarily a home automation platform, it also offers other unparalleled products and features that enhance the home living experience.

Keep reading to check out three standout features of a Savant smart home system. And if you’re intrigued, contact AV Specialists, an elite Savant dealer, to learn how you can bring one (or all) to your Tampa, FL home!

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Entertainment System This Summer


Outdoor AV Paired with Smart Home Automation Makes Every Backyard Activity Better

At AV Specialists, we believe home entertainment shouldn’t be confined to the indoors. Weatherproof TVs and speakers offer limitless possibilities for enjoying your patio, deck, or pool. Plus, when paired with smart home automation, controlling your technology and content sources is easier than ever.

With summer approaching, now is the time to prepare your exterior living spaces in Belleair, FL for fun in the sun! While you clean the pool and tend to your gardens, consider adding an outdoor entertainment system, too. Keep reading to learn four fun ways to use your system this summer.

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