4 Critical Features to Look for in a Smart Home System

4 Critical Features to Look for in a Smart Home System

You Deserve a Smart Home That’s Truly Connected, Customizable, and Simple to Use

What does it mean to have a smart home? It’s more than installing a few smart devices and managing them from multiple apps. A true smart home is an experience: It makes every interaction with your technology simple and fun. It connects your devices to work in unison and adapts to your needs.

Unfortunately, not all smart home systems are created equal. As you start your smart home journey in St Petersburg, FL, be sure to look for these four critical features if you desire a truly connected, customizable, and intuitive smart home experience.

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3 Ways to Get Started with Smart Home Automation in 2021

3 Ways to Get Started with Smart Home Automation in 2021

Build Your Florida Smart Home Your Way With These Key Features

These days, there’s a smart device for nearly everything. With so much variety, homeowners looking to make their homes smarter can approach the idea very differently than their neighbors. Some may be interested in energy-efficient solutions like automated lighting and shading while others may care more about simplifying the control of their audio-video equipment.

One of the many notable benefits of adding a smart home automation system like Control4 or Savant to your property is that you can start in one area, like smart lighting control, and integrate more devices and systems later if you so choose. There’s really no wrong way to begin. Read below for three ideas on how you can start building your smart home this year in Clearwater, FL.

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5 Qualities of a Trustworthy Smart Home Company

5 Qualities of a Trustworthy Smart Home Company

The Integrator You Hire Can Make or Break Your Smart Home Experience

You’ve decided to turn your St. Petersburg, FL house into a smart home. Congratulations! That’s the first step toward a simpler, safer, and greener lifestyle. Whether you’re interested in smart lighting, multiroom music, or whole-home automation, you should hire a smart home company for the best results.

While product quality matters greatly in building a reliable and easy-to-use smart home system, the company you choose to design and install that system matters even more. But how do you know you’re choosing the right team to bring your smart home dreams to life? Look for these five qualities below.

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Discover the Luxury and Convenience of Savant Home Automation


The Home Automation Brand for the World’s Most Sophisticated Homes

One of our core commitments at AV Specialists is to educate our clients on the wide varieties of technology and AV solutions we offer and then assist them in making the right choices for their home. We don’t try to sell you anything you don’t need. Instead, we find the solutions that fit you best.

With that said, we’re excited to add Savant to our home automation system solutions for those looking for a sophisticated and intuitive way to personalize and control their home. As a leading smart home company in Clearwater, we work with only the best of the best in home automation technology, and that’s why we trust Savant as one of our close partners.

Read more to discover the difference of Savant home automation for your Florida home.

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Has Your Smart Home Company Left You High and Dry?

Has Your Smart Home Company Left You High and Dry?

A Better Support Experience Awaits with AV Specialists

Too often, homeowners in Tampa, FL are left to their own devices when something goes wrong with their smart home system because their installer is nowhere to be found. They don’t answer support calls or even offer aftercare services. Why should you be responsible for troubleshooting your technology?

When you hire a smart home company like AV Specialists, you can brush that responsibility and frustration off your shoulders. Rather than saying goodbye after installation, we offer service plans that ensure around-the-clock support when you have questions or when your technology needs a checkup.

Learn what these service plans entail below!

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Here’s What You Need for Better Video Conferencing at Home


Your Office Setup and Network Can Make or Break Your Work-from-Home Experience

Much of America’s workforce is experiencing a great shift toward remote work. With this shift comes many positives: better work-life balance, no more long commutes, and reduced work-related expenses for both employees and employers, just to name a few.

But to work productively from your Tampa, FL home, you’ll need more than a laptop and a couch. Along with an ergonomic home office setup and ample lighting, you’ll need a bulletproof wireless home network to keep you connected when performing data-heavy tasks, like video conferencing and wi-fi work calls.

If you’re shifting to at-home work, make sure you have the following solutions to be successful!

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How Well Is Your Wireless Home Network Connecting Your Devices?


Let’s explore how Control4’s new wave of Pakedge updates can help you get the fast, interruption-free system you deserve.

In case you haven’t heard, our partner Pakedge, by Control4, recently announced some new wireless home network updates that we can’t wait to share with you. With the release of their unique wireless access point, the Wave 2 access point (which we’ll call the WA-2200), Pakedge showed their dedication to giving residential customers (like you!) enterprise-grade internet connections within your own homes.

The Pakedge WA-2200 may look small, but it’s Control4’s most robust access point available. We’ll discuss why and explain how it will help Tampa, FL, customers like you build a stronger network, so keep reading!

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Provide Your Home with the Ultimate Convenience with a Savant Home Automation System


Now is the Perfect Time to Give your Home a Smart Tech Upgrade

Smart homes are becoming the standard for Clearwater residents and households across the country as the demand for automated systems increases. Home automation isn’t just about convenience, but also energy efficiency and security. As a Savant Dealer, we’ll help you embrace connectivity that allows you to control everything in your home from one interface, saving you time and money. You can experience all those benefits with a superior quality home automation system like the one from Savant.

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Simplify Your Fall Routine Changes with Smart Home Automation

Simplify Your Fall Routine Changes with Smart Home Automation

As Summer Comes to an End, Control4 Can Help You Start Fall on the Right Foot

The summer is coming to an end, which means vacation is over and routines are changing. Maybe your kids are preparing for school, or perhaps you’re transitioning to a more rigorous work schedule. Whatever the changes, starting new routines can often be difficult. Smart home automation can help ease the transition to new schedules and make a hectic day a little more fun for you and the family.

As a certified Control4 dealer, AV Specialists can help you take advantage of smart home automation to make new routines a breeze in Belleair, FL. Learn how below!

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What to Expect From AV Specialists as Your Smart Home Company

What to Expect From AV Specialists as Your Smart Home Company

Learn More About What it Means to Partner With AV Specialists

If you are looking to make a smart home technology upgrade to your property, you might be seeking some help from a professional installation source.

But how do you choose the right partner? Here in the Tampa area, we know several companies offer smart home installation services.

Our team at AV Specialists is here to help you.

As a smart home company proudly serving the greater Tampa area for over 20 years, we keep your best interests as our top priority.

We detail what you can expect from our dedicated team of custom technology experts when you partner with us to install your smart home system below.

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