5 Things You Can Do With Motorized Shades


Add Motorized Shades to Your Smart Home Automation System

The modern smart home can do so many things. You can control the lights throughout your home, adjust the volume on all televisions simultaneously, and access real-time surveillance footage while you’re halfway around the world, to name a few. So how do motorized shades fit into your Belleair, FL smart home? Keep reading to learn how smart shades can make your life easier and more comfortable.

1. Lower Your Energy Bill

The sunshine state is a great place to be when you want to spend the day at the beach, but not so great when it’s time to pay the energy bill. A large contributor to high energy costs in the summer is solar heat gain. The sun comes in through your home’s windows and causes your HVAC system to work harder to cool the house. Motorized shades can connect to your HVAC system and use sensors to identify when the room is getting too hot. The shades automatically lower, and your air conditioner gets a break.

2. Warn off Intruders

Looking for a boost to your home security system? Your shades can help, especially if you connect them to your lighting control When you leave your home for an extended period, set your motorized shades to “Vacation” mode. This setting causes the shades to raise and lower throughout the day, following the same patterns that would occur if the home were occupied. Would-be intruders will think there’s somebody home, so they’ll move on to easier targets.

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3. Protect Your Furniture

Have you ever seen what sunlight does to textiles and furniture over time? Motorized shades are an excellent way to keep your furniture and décor from fading while still enjoying the refreshing sunlight. Once your window sensors identify that there’s too much damaging sunlight entering the room, special UV-resistant shades lower to let in light but keep out those harmful rays.

4. Enhance Interior Design

Curtains and window treatments offer the perfect opportunity to tie the room’s interior design together, either through color or pattern. But what if your room has high vaulted windows? If you install traditional shades on these windows in hard-to-reach areas, you’re pretty much stuck with having the shades always closed or always open. But with motorized shades, you can add that extra design element to high windows without covering them up all the time.

5. Save Time and Effort

The biggest advantage of motorized shades is that they remove the tedious task of walking through each room of your home each day to open or close the shades. Instead, all of your shades are accessible at the push of a single button. In the morning, tap your smartphone to have the shades open in commonly used areas. You can even use occupancy sensors to trigger the shades to open whenever someone enters a room. AV Specialists can customize your system to make your life as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Your shades can be so much more than just simple pieces of fabric covering the windows. To learn about the many different shade fabrics, styles, and patterns available for your home, contact us today.

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