Did You Know Motorized Shades Can Do This?


Get More Use Out of Your Motorized Window Treatments!

When you think of the benefits of motorized shades, convenience and energy efficiency are at the top of the list. While these benefits alone encourage homeowners to ditch their manual window treatments for motorized solutions, they aren’t the only advantages that motorized window treatments offer.

If you have motorized window treatments in your Palm Harbor, FL home or are considering the switch, make sure you make the most of this smart home solution! Below we explore three more benefits of motorized shades that you probably haven’t thought about.

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Extend Your Time Spent Outdoors

Do you love relaxing on the patio but often cut it short because of heat and bugs? That’s common in Florida. With exterior motorized shades, you can extend your time spent outdoors during seasons of harsh sun and pesky insects.

Zen outdoor shades by Screen Innovations instantly transform your outdoor spaces to make them more comfortable for longer without disturbing your beautiful views. Use a remote, a mobile app, or voice control to adjust them to your liking in seconds. You’ll block UV rays, cool down your patio furniture, and leave the bugs behind while you continue to enjoy the outdoors.

Assist Aging or Disabled Household Members

If you or anyone in your household is growing older or is a person with disabilities, it’s important that your home spaces be properly designed to accommodate the lifestyle of everyone using them. Motorized window treatments are an excellent solution for those who can’t reach or have difficulty reaching cords and strings to adjust manual shades for comfort and privacy.

Your household members can use a handheld remote, on-wall keypad, a mobile app, or voice control to adjust shades to their liking. Additionally, you can opt for motorized window treatments that offer both motorized and manual options, like Qbasic+ shades from QMotion.

Improve Your Wellbeing with Natural Lighting

When you optimize natural lighting at the right times, you can dramatically improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Because we spend most of our time indoors, we often don’t get the sunlight exposure we need to help regulate our circadian rhythms, which can lead to fatigue. The changing intensity and color temperature of daylight help to regulate our energy levels and improve our sleep.

By integrating your motorized shades with a Savant home automation system, you can easily automate the shades in your commonly used rooms to lift and lower throughout the day to take advantage of natural lighting when you need it most. For example, schedule the shades in your bedroom to open minutes before your alarm goes off to spread energy-boosting sunlight into your room as you wake.

Ready to make the most of this smart home solution? Our team at AV Specialists can assist with design, installation, service, and show you all the ways you can control and automate your motorized window treatments. To schedule a free consultation, contact us here or send us a live chat below!

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