Interior Designers: Can Motorized Shades Improve Your Projects?


Explore Whether Motorized Window Treatments Can Enhance Interior Design

When it comes to including smart home technology in your interior design projects, you might hesitate at first.

In fact, including one particular component of smart home systems can actually enhance your projects. Which piece of smart technology is that? Motorized window treatments.

How, exactly, can motorized shades improve the interior design of your projects in Safety Harbor, Florida and beyond? Just keep reading to find out!

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The Issue With Manual Blinds

You might design a clean, sleek interior of a home – only for window treatments to protrude from the walls and ultimately cause an eyesore.

Even if you recess the blinds, you still have to deal with drawstrings and cords altering the overall flow of the room.

The fact is: if you want to achieve a genuinely pure interior design, manual blinds simply aren’t the best available solution.

We explain below how motorized window treatments can help.

The Interior-Design Benefits of Motorized Shades

Just like with manual blinds, you can recess motorized window treatments so that they’re flush-mounted and flow seamlessly within the design of your space.

Unlike manual blinds, though, motorized shades don’t feature the eyesore of dangling cords. In fact, your client can control them through the convenience of his or her smartphone or tablet.

That way, you can select a shading solution, from the type of shade to the color, that fits within your design for the space – and not have to worry about the blinds themselves negatively affecting your work.

Perhaps your client wants a more traditional way to control their blinds, like through an in-wall touchscreen panel or keypad.

You also can flush-mount those controls – even seamlessly blend them with their surrounding wall décor – so that your design remains unaffected.

How AV Specialists Can Help 

As the Tampa Bay area’s smart home installation experts, we can partner with your interior design firm to include motorized window treatments throughout your projects.

We can work side-by-side with you to expertly install motorized blinds and in-wall controls throughout your client’s home, all the while ensuring we achieve your interior design goals for each space.

Best of all, we can work directly with your client so that they understand how they can use their new technology. After all, we always aim to ensure a satisfied customer after our professional installations.

If you want to find out more about how AV Specialists can partner with your Florida interior design firm, we encourage you to reach out to us today.

You can contact a member of our team right now by clicking the button below.

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