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The Perfect Smart Solution for Your Florida Home This Winter

While Florida isn’t known to be a wintry wonderland, Floridians certainly experience a temperature drop in the months leading to the winter holidays and into the new year. With that temperature drop comes additional heating costs to warm your home to a comfortable level.

By keeping your curtains and blinds open during sunny winter days, you can maintain warmth inside your Tampa home without turning on your HVAC system. Plus, you’re able to keep your stunning beach views visible. Instead of walking throughout your home to manually open each and every window treatment, simply tap a button to operate your motorized blinds and shading system.

Keep reading to learn about QMotion – the longest-lasting battery-operated window treatments available for your Tampa, FL home.

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Energy Savings

Motorized blinds and window treatments help homeowners control lighting, glare, and heat; which can significantly help cut down on potential energy costs. Every detail of QMotion shades assist in energy savings, down to the narrow bracketing system that blocks light from entering at the sides of the shade.

In the winter months, let warm sunlight enter your home and avoid turning on your heating system. You can manage your energy savings automatically with pre-programmed scenes or setting your blinds and shades to sync with a timer; your motorized window shades can also be controlled with a smartphone or keypad to raise or lower as you need.

These window treatments come in a variety of transparency levels and color choices to complement your décor as well as moderate the lighting that enters your Tampa home. If you’d prefer a blackout shade in the bedroom but something more translucent that still blocks harmful UV rays from entering your home in the living areas, QMotion offers you customizable options.

Maintain Your Views

Control solar heat gain and maintain outdoor views even from your home’s largest windows with QMotion’s Qadvanced shades. The Qadvanced line offers the tallest shading solution in the residential market, with an expanse as large as 12 ft x 15 ft, so your window coverings work to your advantage. Plus, QMotion shades of all sizes are flush-mounted, cordless, and battery-operated for a clean, sophisticated look that’s easy to control.

In the winter, you can tap a button on your smart device or keypad to raise your largest windows’ shades. This not only allows warm sunlight to enter your home to keep the winter chill at bay, but you’ll be able to enjoy your stunning Tampa Bay views. Exposure to daylight kickstarts our internal clocks and brightens our moods; with shading solutions, you’ll be able to manage your life and well-being with a simple tap, by voice command, or with a predesignated timer.

Easily Integrated

By integrating your motorized blinds and shading solutions into a more comprehensive Control4 automation system, all of your smart home devices can operate in sync. Add temperature sensors to key locations in your room, so your heating system turns on automatically when rooms in your home become too cold as the sun lowers in the evenings. You can even set your motorized window treatments to lower when you are away from home and your security system is armed in order to deter potential thieves from peering into your home.

Keep your Tampa, FL home warm this winter by exploring QMotion shading solutions. Start saving on your energy costs in style by contacting our team at AV Specialists. You can send us a chat using the feature at the bottom of the screen or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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