The Worst Residential Sound System Advice We've Ever Heard


When designing a residential sound system, one simple mistake can drastically decrease your sound quality. You don't want to end up with a system that blows you out of the room, doesn't have the sound quality you were expecting, or does not put out the volume you were expecting, even with the volume turned all the way up. How do you avoid these mistakes? Here's a look at the some things you should never do: the worst residential sound system advice we've ever heard. 

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Time Spent Enjoying Music: My Personal AV Sound System Setup


In life we sometimes get caught up in the everyday happenings and forget to enjoy things along the way. This is probably even more true at work. Being in the AV business, I sometimes get so caught up in things like client scheduling, finding the right dimensions to fit our recommended equipment and various other minutia that I forget why I got into this business to begin with, that being the enjoyment of music. I have been after better sound since when I was a young kid. Today I was reminded of this and thought I'd share my experience with you.

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Totem Speakers | Clearwater


In this article we’ll take a look at Totem Speakers. They have been around for over 25 years, making quality speakers that are not compromised by market pressure. The Totem Speakers name is synonymous with attention to detail, uncompromising design and engineering, and critical listening tests. Seriously consider this world class speaker manufacturer if you are looking for speakers to perfect your listening experience in your Clearwater home.

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Why Choose Marantz for Your Sound System?


Marantz is a Must-Have for High-End Sound Systems

Choosing an audio brand is a big part of adding a high-quality sound system to your home. The right brand can make your home feel like a concert hall or amphitheater, with you sitting center stage for the performance. Here at AV Specialists, one of our favorite audio brands is Marantz. Read on to learn more about this innovative audio company and how their AV equipment can enhance the listening experience in your Clearwater, Florida home.

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Sonance Speakers Make Your Home More Musical

Sonance Speakers Make Your Home More Musical

Add more music to your life with a home sound system by Sonance. Everywhere you go – the home theater, living room, bedroom, or outdoor areas – you’ll hear high-quality audio from premium speakers. Whether you want whole-home sound system installation or a state-of-the-art soundbar in your home theater, Sonance has the perfect audio solution that’s music to your ears.

Keep reading to discover why Sonance speakers are the right choice for your home in St. Petersburg, FL.

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The Superior Sound of Sonance Speakers

If you want a music experience in your home that rises above the ordinary, then Sonance is the solution. They design and manufacture premium speakers for whole-home audio systems, soundbars for home theaters, and even weatherproof speakers for outdoor entertainment areas. The company is known worldwide for audio equipment that delivers discreet and unrivaled performance. Here are two ways you can appreciate the stunning sound of Sonance speakers.

1. Whole-Home Audio with Invisible Speakers

Install them in your home, and they’ll be heard but not seen. Sonance specializes in hidden speaker technology for whole-home audio. Suppose you don’t want to see your speakers. No problem! Offering the ultimate expression in architectural audio, Sonance’s speakers can be installed anywhere in your home and then finished over with the surrounding surface. Their Invisible Series speakers deliver high-end audio that emanates throughout the space without making a visual footprint.

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Take the Fun Outdoors with an Immersive Backyard Sound System

Take the Fun Outdoors with an Immersive Backyard Sound System

With warmer weather on the way, it’s almost time to take the fun outdoors again. Poolside parties and alfresco dining are just a few activities that families in Clearwater, FL can enjoy this spring and summer in their waterfront backyards.

When planning your outdoor activities, don’t forget the most important component: the music. A dedicated backyard sound system can elevate any party or evening of relaxation, especially when you partner with a professional outdoor audio installer like AV Specialists. We use high-quality audio solutions that withstand the elements, blend into your landscape, and are easy to control.

Read below to learn what to expect when you call on AV Specialists to design and install your backyard sound system.

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Music that Follows You Wherever You Go

No matter how big your outdoor living spaces are, strategically installed landscape speakers and subwoofers make it possible to enjoy hi-fi sound from every corner of your backyard. From the pool to the patio, your music will follow you everywhere thanks to evenly distributed satellite speakers and subwoofers that blanket your backyard with quality audio. Never experience dropouts, muffled sound, or fluctuated volumes as you host a party or enjoy a sunny afternoon with family.

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Quick Guide: Finding the Right Speakers for Your Home Audio System

Quick Guide: Finding the Right Speakers for Your Home Audio System

When you purchase a car or kitchen appliance, you don’t go in blind. You want this item to serve you well and last for years, so you do your research first.

The same can be said about home audio systems. To find the right home audio equipment that brings out the best in your music and movies, you need to know what to look for.

While it’s important to note that home audio systems aren’t only about the speakers, you can’t enjoy sound without them. So, which types of speakers should you consider for your desired setup in your St. Petersburg, FL home? Let us help! Use the quick guide below to narrow down your options.

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What’s Your Budget?

Every investment starts here. Unless you’re a “money’s no option” kind of audiophile, it’s a good idea to know how much you’d be willing to spend on speakers before you look. For instance, high-end stereo speakers alone can range anywhere from $500 to $50,000 (and more). That’s a big window. Plus, you might need to save some room in your budget for other audio equipment, depending on your setup.

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Music Lovers: You’ve Never Listened to Speakers Like These Before

Music Lovers: You’ve Never Listened to Speakers Like These Before

Our team at AV Specialists is committed to delivering the world’s best solutions in high-performance audio for our music-loving homeowners in Belleair and the surrounding Florida area. With that said, we’re proud to now offer speakers from one of the world’s finest names in audio: Bowers & Wilkins.

Universally loved by audiophiles, Bowers & Wilkins is believed by many to offer the best loudspeakers in the world. In fact, Bowers & Wilkins has long been the preferred speaker of Abbey Road Studios. Read on to learn more about the beloved audio brand and its wide variety of speaker offerings for your whole-home sound system.

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More Than 50 Years of Audio Excellence

John Bowers founded Bowers & Wilkins in England in 1966 with a mission to create the perfect loudspeaker. A passionate music fan, John wanted to recreate the musical experience just as it was presented in a live environment. His vision paved the way for innovation resulting in loudspeakers that produce sound with unprecedented realism.

For more than 50 years, Bowers & Wilkins has been the standard-bearer in the high-fidelity world through their handcrafted speakers, superior-grade materials, and industry-leading audio engineering. Despite being best known for their flagship loudspeakers, Bowers & Wilkins also offers the same exemplary audio standard in their line of subwoofers, wireless speakers, and architectural speakers.

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Not Your Average Soundbar: High-End Audio from Leon and Paradigm

Not Your Average Soundbar: High-End Audio from Leon and Paradigm

Whether you have an immersive home cinema or a media room in your St. Petersburg, FL home, you will undoubtedly improve your experience with a high-end audio upgrade. Many homeowners are design-conscious and have a desire for their technology to blend seamlessly into their interior design plan. Soundbars are an excellent solution for these homeowners because they deliver powerful audio without calling much attention to themselves.

Leon and Paradigm are two of our favorite audio brands for quality soundbars. Each also pairs beautifully with McIntosh or other brands of audio components you may already have at home. Keep reading to learn about a few notable soundbars by Leon and Paradigm and why they’d be perfect for your Florida home.

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Leon Soundbars

Leon’s vision includes mixing art with audio, technology, and design and has consistently been listed in CE Pro’s Top 100 Soundbar Brands for nearly a decade. The Horizon Series are custom soundbars built to match the width of any TV that you currently have. The aesthetic is discreet and will blend perfectly into the rest of your sound system, with custom color-matched hand-stretched grills.

The audio of these soundbars is high-end, as is any Leon product. The company works with musicians, acoustic engineers and producers to ensure immersive listening experiences in any space, whether you have a living room that doubles as your media room or you have a dedicated home theater.

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Our Favorite Bluesound Products for Hi-Res Music at Home

Our Favorite Bluesound Products for Hi-Res Music at Home

If you’re looking for a home music system, Bluesound should be on your shortlist. Bluesound is an award-winning wireless multiroom system that lets you play music in any and every room of your St. Petersburg, FL home, with simple control through the BluOS app. Their speakers connect wirelessly and stream hi-resolutiontunes to all your spaces, indoors and out.

What’s more, their wireless stereo components allow you to connect your high-end audio gear to the world of wireless streaming. Easily access, stream, and store all your music in one place and even power your favorite speakers with audiophile-grade amplification. All of this is possible through our three favorite Bluesound products: The NODE 2i, POWERNODE 2i, and VAULT 2i.

Read more to explore these products and why they’re a must-have addition to your home audio system.

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The NODE 2i

The NODE 2i by Bluesound is a wireless high-resolution music streamer that connects directly to your existing stereo amplifier, home theater receiver, or a pair of powered speakers. It gives you unlimited access to the world of music, which you can enjoy in any room of your home. This sophisticated preamp sports a high-quality DAC that makes the best of all your music sources, whether it’s an online service or your personal music library. Plus, with its array of analog and digital inputs/outputs, you can connect to your CD player or turntable and enjoy your favorite classics everywhere in the home.

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Outdoor Sound Systems Designed for Florida Weather

When you're looking to spend time outdoors enjoying the weather and your backyard setting, music is a must. With a well-planned system that can withstand erratic Tampa Bay weather patterns, you can create audio accompaniments for any outdoor activity. Here are a few things that you may want to consider when designing your outdoor sound system.


Even if you have a roof over your patio, speakers will be subject to the rain and moisture that can gather outdoors. An outdoor sound system will need to be able to withstand the elements, so that after a heavy storm you can still go outside and experience music the way it's meant to be.

While this might mean that your outdoor system ends up a little more rugged than your indoor one, it's for good reason. You won't want to have to replace components after a year or less. Outdoor weatherproofed speakers are designed to last for many years regardless of the weather.


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Product Review: Choose Electro-Voice for Your Sound System Installation

Product Review: Choose Electro-Voice for Your Sound System Installation

When considering your next sound system installation upgrade, you need to go with a manufacturer you can trust. Whether you intend to set up a small PA system at a local taproom or you want to revitalize a concert hall in downtown St. Petersburg, FL, our recommendation goes to Electro-Voice. From microphones to loudspeakers and everything in between, Electro-Voice has the products that will work for your purposes. What makes them so great? We’d love to tell you.

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Audio Components Made in the U.S.A.

Electro-Voice has been producing audio products for 90 years. Since being established in 1927, they’ve been an innovating force in the AV industry. Among their first major projects was designing and building a custom PA system in 1930 – one of the first of its kind – for noted Notre Dame football coach Knute Rockne to help him communicate with the entire team at once during practices.  

Since then they’ve developed and re-developed an entire line of audio components that help musicians, comedians, politicians and more get their message across. The best part? Electro-Voice designs and builds every piece of technology they sell – so everything they offer is made right here in the U.S.A.

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Love Music? Here's Why Two-Channel Audio is the Best Choice.

Love Music? Here's Why Two-Channel Audio is the Best Choice.

If you love listening to music and are ready to improve your home, we have a definite recommendation for you:

Consider a speaker system for your property.

You could go for a whole-home or multi-room audio solution, or you could just focus on a single room.

No matter what you choose, you will be able to enjoy high-fidelity and lifelike sound with high-end speakers.

In this blog, we’ll focus on those single-room audio solutions.

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Monitor Audio, Ceiling Speakers - Serious Sound

This is the best ceiling speaker I've had in my possession to date.  It's built very solid but more importantly it sounds like a floor standing tower speaker.

A few observations on Monitor Audio's CP-CT380IDC ceiling speakers. 

By saying it's the best ceiling speaker, I am referring to a typical round ceiling speaker with a back can; I am not comparing it to a specialty speaker with a custom rigid cabinet and a separate driver mounting points. After we put it up in the showroom yesterday, if I didn't already know it was mounted in the ceiling, I never would have guessed it to be a ceiling speaker. It had a lot of body and much better lower end than we are accustomed to. It also has very good imaging and detail.  

At a cost around $800 per speaker it isn't for everyone, or at least not for every room. However if you really like music, I don't think it is hard to justify the additional expense for a speaker that really does sound like music. For the cost of a few sporting event tickets and bar tabs you could have a great speaker for as long as you stay in your home.


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Is High-End Audio Worth It? Here's How To Find Out.

Is High-End Audio Worth It? Here's How To Find Out.

You’ve likely heard the theory before: When you listen to a high-end speaker, you instantly can tell the difference.

Compared to a standard speaker, the top-line one will produce better sound.

But is there really a difference? And if there is a difference, how can you tell that one exists?

Below, we’ll explore the theory of whether high-end audio actually  is worth it and how you can find out for yourself, right here in Tampa, FL.

Just keep reading to find out more.

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For High-Quality Sound Systems, Choose McIntosh

Audio equipment brands play a huge role in the quality and type of sound systems. Generic stereos may cut it for some people, but for true audiophiles, nothing beats the crystal clear tones of McIntosh. In this blog, we will cover the background of why McIntosh sound systems are held in such high esteem in the A/V community, then discuss which McIntosh products are a good starting point for your home in Tampa, Florida.

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Why McIntosh?

McIntosh started in 1949 when its founder successfully attempted to improve the design of sound amplifiers. The company continued to innovate in the high-performance audio industry, coming up with new ways to purify sound for peak enjoyment of music. Here are just a few of the reasons why McIntosh is the industry leader:

  • Built to Last: In today’s culture, where electronics break all the time and are simply replaced with other sub-par equipment, McIntosh sticks to durable, high-quality parts that stand the test of time.
  • Built in the USA: McIntosh’s Binghamton, New York factory proves that American manufacturing is still top notch.
  • Built by Hand: While McIntosh takes advantage of the streamlined efficiency of assembly machines, their more delicate pieces are still assembled by hand to ensure total quality control.

Where to Start

Once you decide on McIntosh for your sound system, you get to decide which components are right for your home. McIntosh has a wide range of products – such as amplifiers, receivers, speakers, turntables, and media streamers - but you may not need all of them.

Start by deciding what type of listening experience you want. If you only want music in your kitchen, for example, you could opt for the small but powerful McAire audio system. The McAire system uses AirPlay to stream music over Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for a robust sound experience in every corner of a large room, the SoHo II has everything you need: a two-channel amplifier, preamplifier, SACD player, tuner, room correction system, and power controller. The SoHo II makes it easy for you to get started with a seamless and comprehensive sound system.

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Bluesound vs. Sonos: Which One is Winning the Wi-Fi Speaker Race?

Bluesound vs. Sonos: Which One is Winning the Wi-Fi Speaker Race?

If you’re in the market for a new sound system installation in St. Petersburg, you may have shopped around a bit in the big-box stores to see what’s out there. Sonos speakers are available in big box retailers and have been around the wireless sound system space for almost two decades. While Sonos does offer a good sonic experience, many people aren’t aware of how great a wireless speaker experience can be if they’re willing to invest in a proper sound system installation.

At AV Specialists, we’ve had several customers ask us about Sonos speakers, and we’ve decided to level with you in this blog. Keep reading to learn more about how Bluesound wins the race against Sonos with extra features, higher fidelity sound, and more.

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Easy of Use

A Bluesound sound system utilizes your wireless network to stream music and goes a step beyond typical wireless sound systems. It can communicate with up to 64 other BlueOS-enabled players, all controllable through the BlueOS Controller app on the smart device of your choice. If you have your smart devices integrated into a Control4 system, then you can manage and control your Bluesound speakers via any of your Control4-enabled devices.

Sound Quality

Sonos does offer TruePlay, which uses the microphone in your Apple iOS device and room correction algorithms to ensure the speaker sounds its best in the location you’ve placed it. It relies on the user waving the device up and down around the room, and sometimes has errors and inconsistent results.  A Bluesound speaker system – with configuration and installation by the professionals at AV Specialists - will provide uninterrupted, crystal clear, multi-room audio throughout your home. AV Specialists ensures each speaker in your sound system is expertly placed for maximum listening pleasure in every location in your home.

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4 New Products for Your Audio Sound System

4 New Products for Your Audio Sound System

The audio technology world is always evolving, and it can be difficult to know what’s worth checking out. Maybe you’re getting into vinyl again or for the first time. Perhaps you’re looking to give your movie marathons better, upgraded speakers. As home technology experts, we’re always reading up on the latest audio equipment and have noticed four exceptional products you shouldn’t miss.  

Whether you’re looking for a loved one or shopping for yourself, consider our picks below for fun and useful ways to enhance your home audio system in Clearwater FL.

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Paradigm Prestige Speakers

Ready to experience superior sound quality? Paradigm’s Prestige speakers are not typical mass-market devices that you’ll find in Target or Best Buy. Paradigm offers advanced luxury audio that will make it sound like there are no speakers in your home at all—only live performances. Crafted in Canada, Paradigm’s sleek and powerful Prestige speakers are optimal for both home theaters and music enjoyment. But in all honesty, this is excellence you have to hear for yourself. If you’re in southern Florida, AV Specialists has Paradigm speakers to listen to in-house.

Pro-ject MaiA DS2, Wood-Integrated Amplifier

Built with a silver or black body and wooden walnut sides, the MaiA DS2 is both an attractive and powerful sound amplifier. It may be small, but this device can connect to nine source devices simultaneously and be controlled via remote or app, seamlessly integrating into your smart home system. The amplifier offers analog and digital inputs for lossless streaming, which means even the choosiest audio snob will be impressed with the sound.

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