Create the Ultimate Entertainment Space in Your Florida Sports Bar


Increase Profits and Reduce Costs with a Video Distribution System

Two of the main elements of a successful sports bar are the entertainment and atmosphere. Most guests go to these establishments to relax, watch the big game, and enjoy the camaraderie. This requires several TVs in highly visible areas with audio contained in each zone.

The good news is that you know your market. The bad news is that you may have a lot of competition. Successful restaurant operators continually look for ways to enhance the guest experience to stand out from their competitors while at the same time simplifying operations, particularly in today’s labor-challenged market. A video distribution system offers a solution to both of these quests, providing a much simpler means of controlling the many 4K HDR TVs while increasing guest satisfaction and reducing costs.

Let’s explore what these systems offer restaurants and bars in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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Video Projector Installation | My current favorite projector


Obviously being in this business we do a lot of jobs that require the installation of a video projector. There are multiple issues we run into when we visit a job site to tale a look at the project. One major issue is, currently almost any laptop you'll buy is going to be a widescreen laptop. The widescreen has become, it seems the de facto standard. However, most companies that have had an AV setup for any length of time, seem to usually have the old 4:3 ratio screens. This presents a problem because the preferred "new" source is widescreen but the display area is not. Not every customer wants to change a perfectly good screen just because they are replacing the projector.

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Would Your Retail Store Benefit from an Audio Video Installation?

More and more stores are starting to go digital with their window displays and in-store décor. With commercial audio video installations, stores have a way to differentiate themselves from competitors and enhance branding. If you’re wondering whether this tech upgrade is a smart choice for your Clearwater store, then ask yourself the three questions below.

How Often Do You Change Advertisements and Décor?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your store décor. Swapping out design elements each week is a time-consuming and manual hassle, and your store employees likely have more pressing things to do. More importantly, constantly updating your shop décor can be quite expensive. To save on costs, many stores limit the number of times they order print advertisements or window displays.

With a commercial audio video installation, you get all of the benefits of fresh and new design elements without any of the extra effort or cost. Instead of sending off your design to be printed, just press a button and voila—the design will be instantly in front of your customers. The flexibility of digital signage opens up a lot of doors. Update the display each day with your latest sale or promotion, pulling in repeat customers with your fresh advertising.

Does Your Store Have a Clear Brand?

If someone asked a shopper on the street in front of your store to describe your brand, what would the answer be? Having a clearly defined brand helps your store stick in your customers’ minds and bring in more of the type of buyer who is most interested in your products. Brand is more than just a color scheme and logo—you can promote a specific ambiance and atmosphere in your store with digital advertisements, music selection, and even fragrance. The goal is to create an immersive, enjoyable experience for your customers, and commercial audio video can help make that goal a reality.

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What Projector and Screen Setup Is Best for Your Home Theater?

What Projector and Screen Setup Is Best for Your Home Theater?

When it comes to big-screen movie viewing, it’s hard to beat a projector and screen setup. Home theater projectors and screens can deliver an image that measures 300 inches or more for incredibly immersive viewing experiences from the comforts of home.

If you’re interested in a projector and screen setup for your home theater installation, the display size is just one of many factors to think about when choosing the best solutions. Let our experts at AV Specialists help you narrow down the options! Keep reading to learn about the key considerations to look for when choosing a projector and screen for your St. Petersburg, FL home.

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Choosing the Best Projector


If you want a cinematic experience that rivals the local theater, you’ll want to go with a true 4K projector that reveals the finest details and can even upscale HD sources. At four times the number of pixels, 4K resolution delivers sharper, crystal-clear visuals for big-screen viewing. You’ll also want to look for HDR compatible models that offer expanded brightness, inky blacks, and richer colors.


Projector brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the lumen count, the brighter your picture will be. Generally, for projectors where ambient light can be controlled, you’ll need a minimum of 1500 lumens. However, if you plan to watch movies in daylight, you’ll need a projector with a minimum of 2500 lumens so that your picture isn’t washed out by combating light in the room. Blackout curtains can help to block out ambient light and improve picture visibility.

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Tantalize Your Senses with New Outdoor Audio-Video Products

Tantalize Your Senses with New Outdoor Audio-Video Products

Improve the way you enjoy your patio, pool, or backyard and create an enticing entertainment experience for you and your guests by upgrading your home's outdoor audio-video equipment in St. Petersburg, FL. From 4K Ultra HD televisions by Sony and SunBriteTV to high-performance AV solutions from Coastal Source and Sonance, the newest audio-visual products significantly transform your movie-watching and music-listening experience!

It's time to make your outdoor space more inviting and up to date. You already have a luxury home. Now, expand that luxurious living to your outdoor areas. Read more to discover how the latest AV products can revitalize your entire property.  

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Outdoor TVs with Brilliant Displays

If you think you can use a regular TV outside, think again. Even though your home theater TV may have a fantastic image, it can't compete with the sun. That's why you need ultra-bright TVs from SunBrightTV. This manufacturer is a leader when it comes to outdoor televisions. Choose the perfect size and type of TV to suit your space: 32” to 75” screens with full-shade, partial-shade, and full-sun options. SunBrightTV's products are specifically designed to handle extreme temperatures, humidity, salt air, and rain. Best of all, the displays are 2 to 3 times brighter than typical indoor TVs.

Another top-rated outdoor TV is the XBR X900F series from Sony. The screen sizes range from 49” to 85” with an extreme HD 4K display. It provides a dazzling image that is four times the resolution of 1080p TVs. It also has a LED display that incorporates Sony's Motionflow XR technology, which digitally enhances images to reduce blur. And of course, it can be integrated with your home automation system as well as smart assistants like Alexa and other smart products.

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The Essential Technologies for Your Sports Bar

Whether you’re starting a new business or trying to breathe new life into an existing sports bar, having the right technology in place can go a long way toward creating a great environment for customers. Below, we’ve listed the top technologies for automation and commercial audio video that are necessary for a top-quality sports bar.

Ultra HD Video Displays

A small, grainy image isn’t going to cut it if you want your sports bar to be the most popular place on game night. Especially since most video displays are mounted on the walls a fair distance from your patrons, it’s important that the TVs are large and clear. Instead, the most bang for your buck comes with 4K Ultra HD televisions. These TVs have four times the resolution of a standard HD TV, but they’re also very affordable now that they’ve entered mainstream popularity.

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AV Distribution System

Having different stations or games playing on each video display throughout your sports bar can get costly, especially if you’re relying on individual receiver boxes located with each TV. A distribution system allows you to connect all of your TVs to the same receiver, which has two main benefits:

  1. It’s far less expensive since you only need to pay for one receiver
  2. It creates that clean, uncluttered look in your restaurant since you don’t have to hook up a bunch of devices to the TVs.

Integrated Audio with Multiple Zones

A sports bar can be a loud and chaotic environment, which makes it vital that you optimize your sound system for the space so that every customer can clearly hear the music or TV program. With multiple stations going at once, the last thing you want is a jumble of noise as all the sports commentary mixes together. To solve that issue, it’s best to create separate audio zones that focus the sound from certain TVs in certain areas. A professional AV installer will be able to ensure you have the right audio equipment in the right locations for crystal clear sound.

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Sony 4K and 8K TVs: The Best Choices for New TV Installation

Take your home entertainment experience to the next level! When it’s time to buy a new TV, don’t settle for the ordinary. In fact, you can do even better than HD. Sony offers 4K and 8K TVs that immerse you in your favoritemovies. Amazingly realistic, the images go far beyond full HD. Whether you’re watching a movie, TV show, or sporting event, you’ll be surprised by the enhanced color, depth, and richness of the images.  

Are you ready for new TV installation? Read our latest blog to see why Sony is the way to go and how AV Specialists in Clearwater, FL, can set you up for home entertainment at its finest.

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Sony’s 4K TVs: Lifelike Picture Quality

Why do people go to the movies? Lots of reasons. But the biggest draw is the thrill of watching bigger-than-life images come alive on the big screen. A few years ago, this would have been impossible to achieve on a home TV. Now, things have changed dramatically. Sony’s 4K OLED TVs provide brighter images, excellent motion handling, and incredibly vivid colors.

Watching images on your screen is almost like looking through a window. That’s because Sony uses X-Reality™ technology, which optimizes contrasts, textures, and colors for every object on the screen. An OLED television doesn’t need backlighting like an LED TV. Instead, each pixel contains its own source of light and color. Pixel by pixel, everything is enhanced to make it as lifelike as possible.

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Key Features to Look for in a Quality Commercial Sound System

Key Features to Look for in a Quality Commercial Sound System

Every business or institution in Tampa, FL needs a high-quality sound system for playing music, making announcements, or amplifying voices in a large room. But choosing the right solution can be challenging if you’re not sure what to look for.

Sound systems include components like speakers, amplifiers, cables, microphones, mixers, volume controls, and more. To design the right solution for your audio needs, you’ll need to think about your commercial environment and how you plan to use your system.

While it’s best to leave the details to a professional audio installer like AV Specialists, we hope this blog serves as a brief guide to helping you decide what you’ll need for your commercial sound system, whether it’s for a restaurant, office, house of worship, or gym.

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How to Design a Conference Room for the Hybrid Workplace

How to Design a Conference Room for the Hybrid Workplace

The conference room is the heart of your business. It’s where your team brainstorms new ideas, makes important decisions, and celebrates big wins.

While the traditional conference room is designed to support in-person collaboration, today’s workforce is shifting to a hybrid model as more staff work from home. If you have a dispersed team, you’ll need to redesign your conference room to support collaboration between onsite and offsite workers.

Below are a few tips to consider as you reassess your commercial audio-video installation and conference room design to meet the new demands of your distributed team in Tampa, FL and beyond.

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Inclusive Seating

The traditional conference room typically features one long center table so that staff can face each other and conduct meaningful conversations. However, this setup excludes remote staff and can make them feel disconnected. Instead, consider a half-circle or horseshoe table that faces the room’s camera and monitor to encourage dialogue between all staff to help remote workers feel more included.

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How To Enhance Your Game Day Experience

With the NFL season fast approaching, it’s time to get your home ready with some of the latest equipment available to improve your gameday experience. If you’re looking to be the envy of your friends and neighbors, it’s important that you invest in the latest and greatest audio visual equipment.  If you enjoy being the host of the party, you want to ensure that your guests have a great time. Technology has improved the gameday experience dramatically, especially over the last few years.  From upgrades to televisions, surround sound, home automation and furniture, there are many ways you can guarantee your home becomes the place to be for premier sporting events.  

Visual: Sony 4k TV’s and Projectors

While both LG and Samsung have some excellent displays to offer, Sony is proving to be the industry leader.  With the advent of 4k technology, Sony has taken the gameday experience to a new level.  As more providers have begun to offer 4k programming, sporting events have taken on a truly life like appearance.  Sony’s 4k televisions and projectors have received nothing but great reviews, with customers stating the clarity and crispness actually provide a better experience than actually being at the game.  With 4k projectors also available, Sony has made bringing game to your home easier than ever. 1080p televisions were revolutionary when they first hit the market, however, in the same way Blu-ray outshines DVD, 4k televisions are making their 1080p counterparts appear outdated.

Home Automation: Control 4

Home automation is rapidly becoming a reality and has been installed in homes all over the world.  Control 4 offers the latest in home automation controls and has the ability to communicate with hundreds of different devices.  With wireless capabilities and the ability to control multiple televisions from one source, it has cut a significant amount of the unsightly wiring that used to clutter up our homes.  Home automation lovers also tend to want the latest television products.  With 4k televisions offering the highest quality on the market, this is where high end consumers have turned.  To keep up with this growing movement, Control4 created a new line of 4K Ultra HD multi-room video solutions including audio and video matrix switches. With the LU1082 4K AV switch, you can easily and quickly distribute content to any room in your home from 10 different sources.

Surround Sound: Marantz Receivers and Totem Speakers

Marantz offers a sound quality first product in addition to being one of the most reliable AV receivers available on the market today.  Not only are they reliable, they also provide sharp and clear sound to ensure your guests get a true gameday experience.  There are several different versions of the Marantz receiver so you’ll have some options to choose the best fit for your home.  A quality receiver can only go so far without the addition of world class speakers.  Totem offers speakers that can take your surround sound system to an unbelievable of level of detail.  The bass, tonality and clarity of these speakers are unmatched in the industry today.  There are several different types to choose from including in-wall speakers and with their solid build, they’re perfect to use in a party setting.

Furniture: Salamander

NFL games can last up to 4 hours and sometimes longer, so having quality furniture to keep your guests comfortable is essential.  Salamander develops furniture that is made by AV people as AV gear.  They are created to allow for air flow in order to keep your guests cool and comfortable.  These features also allow for better acoustics so that your furniture doesn’t negate the investments you’ve made in your sound system.  Salamander offers a variety of different styles to fit any décor, whether it is indoor or outdoor.

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House of Worship AV Installations: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

House of Worship AV Installations: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

If you’re considering giving your house of worship an AV upgrade, or perhaps preparing for installing a system in a new building, there are a few things you should know. The first thing is that the quality of the AV setup can make a big impact on the quality of the worship experience, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing it right the first time. We’ve been doing professional audio video installations throughout the Tampa, Florida area since 1995, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two. Keep reading to learn the key to making your house of worship’s AV system perform well and reliably for years to come.

1. Don’t Skimp on Equipment Quality

The projectors, microphones, screens, speakers, etc. that make up your audio video installation should be able to work reliably for years to come, and in order to ensure that happens, it’s best to choose reputable brands. Not sure which brands to trust for your equipment? Ask your AV installer. They’ll be able to recommend the best brands for your budget and specific needs.

2. Plan the System around Your Congregation’s Needs

One of the biggest factors that will impact the type of audio video installation you’ll need is what you plan on doing with it. For informal sermons and intimate music sessions in a small auditorium, an over-the-top AV system won’t be the right fit. If you’re planning on having hymn lyrics up on the screen or speaker notes during a sermon and you have a large auditorium, then it makes sense to have large, easy-to-see screens to accommodate everyone. Weddings, teaching sessions, choir performances…think about all the ways you’ll likely use the AV system, and then your AV installer will be able to design a system that’s a perfect fit.

3. Don’t Forget the Room’s Acoustics

Room acoustics are often overlooked when installing AV equipment, and it’s a facet that can really hamper the performance of the overall installation. Speakers that sound amazing in one room could sound echoey and hollow in another, especially if your house of worship has a lot of hard surfaces. During the system design phase, your AV installer should assess the space for the installation in order to see if acoustic panels will be needed. Acoustic panels are sound treatments that install on the walls in order to absorb sound waves. If you’re concerned about aesthetics in the space, don’t worry. A lot of sound panels are designed to look like artwork or blend into the room’s overall décor.

4. Cluttered Equipment and Cords are a Bad Idea

It goes without saying that having cords running across the stage, connecting to microphones, speakers and amplifiers is probably not a good idea. Not only is it a safety hazard, but it also distracts from the overall ambiance you want to project with your house of worship. Cable management and uncluttered, clean design are what sets a professional installation company above subpar contractors.

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Get More Out of Meetings with ClearOne Video Collaboration

Get More Out of Meetings with ClearOne Video Collaboration

Today’s workforce is more distributed than ever, with more companies transitioning to remote operations or a hybrid model that allows employees to work both onsite and offsite. Working remotely offers several advantages, from decreased overhead expenses to flexible work schedules and more.

However, a remote workforce can’t thrive without the tools to facilitate reliable communication and collaboration among a distributed company. ClearOne, a leader in commercial audio-video solutions, helps unite remote teams through video collaboration tools that allow for seamless video conferencing, wireless presentations, interactive whiteboarding and more from any device.

Keep reading to learn more about ClearOne video collaboration tools and how they can help your Tampa, FL team work better together from anywhere.

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COLLABORATE Live: A Complete Video Collaboration System

Bring your conference room to life with ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Live video collaboration room system. This versatile video collaboration solution features on-premises and cloud solutions that work together to make meetings seamless for onsite and offsite staff. It includes audio and video conferencing hardware and a web-based video collaboration application that hosts a full suite of meeting tools.

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Don’t Call the TV Guy. Call the AV Guy for Installation!

Don’t Call the TV Guy. Call the AV Guy for Installation!

It happens often. Someone bought a TV at the nearby big-box retailer, but they need a professional to mount it in their Clearwater, FL home. So, they call us. Unfortunately for the customer, they didn’t necessarily save any money, and the TV isn’t an excellent match for their home theater or media room setup.

If the customer had called AV Specialists first to buy their TV, we could have provided a TV that matches perfectly to their entertainment needs. Plus, we’re experts at installing TVs as well as accompanying components like surround sound, receivers, wiring, and more.

Keep reading to learn why it’s best to call the AV guy, not the TV guy, for superior TV installations in your Florida home.

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Perfect Screen for the Perfect Room

Large media rooms with multiple seating options need a TV with a wide viewing angle. A viewing angle is the angle at which a TV’s picture quality begins to degrade when watched from the side. This degradation can affect the colors you see on the screen and impair your viewing experience. The big-box retailer probably never mentioned this critical aspect of TV viewing while you were shopping for a TV.

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Consider Structured AV Wiring for Your Audio Video Systems

With recent advances in technology more and more people are able to afford the luxury of upgrading their home entertainment capabilities. However the upgrade to your audio video systems experience comes with more wires and clutter. Many people desire a “wireless” appearance, and this is something that is not easy especially with devices in multiple rooms. Unfortunately, the issue goes deeper than mere aesthetics, according to the U.S. Fire Administration there are 26,100 fires annually within residential areas. It is estimated that half of these fires are caused by faulty wires, poor maintenance, and dangerous handling. A great solution for people who want to improve the safety of their home and still enjoy a great home entertainment system is structured wiring.

A structured AV wiring system can easily been installed in a home that's under construction or undergoing renovations. Some structured wiring systems may even be installed in an existing home. The system is very simplistic and organized, making it easy to be maintained and upgraded. It starts with a structured networking panel (SNP) which is similar to an electricity box. It accepts and distributes signals throughout your home. The signal travels from the  structured networking panel to a wall plate that has been installed in the room with your devices via the appropriate cable to the receiving device. Adapters are available for Ethernet cables allowing for Internet capable devices to perform at much faster speeds than Wi-Fi would allow. There are also connectors available for standard coaxial cable and fiber-optic cables.

Functionality and versatility are constantly in demand and a structured wiring system provides exactly this. Once the system is in place you will be able to enjoy your media on a whole new level. Whether you are entertaining for a party, having a movie night with the family or just relaxing on your night off from work you should have the option to do it in any room of your home. With a structured wiring system you can play a Blu-ray DVD, Netflix or Apple TV from your main system to any other television in the house. You can also enjoy your stereo from any location without the hassle of having to reorganize your home or move a single thing. With your media collection at your fingertips you'll never have to switch rooms to watch your favorite movie.

With the availability of professional grade programs on home computers many people are undertaking business and work from home. With a structured wiring system in place you can turn your cluttered home office into a spacious and organized work area. A separate telephone line can be installed for those that do not want the extra expense of an additional cell phone line. You can also network printers and facsimile machines within the system. There is no need for you to be tethered to a short device cable. With the ability to position the wall plate and connect your devices where you want them you have greater control over the layout of your office.

Luxul networking offers high quality network  easy to administrate,  really well performoing wireless, one signal all over the house sop no lapses going from one to the other.  

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AV Equipment That Turns Your Home into a Theatrical Experience

Whether you’re discovering new musical artists and genres or watching a favorite-movies-of-all-time marathon over the course of a relaxing weekend, the types of audio components available for home use can transform your family room and favorite chair into a theatrical experience.

But to really appreciate how Eric Clapton can make a guitar “gently weep” and every nuance of Steve McQueen’s classic car chase in Bullitt, you want the best affordable quality that is installed to deliver the best possible sound. After all, if your home is the place you want to be, and excellent quality is important, there are several things to consider when configuring your present AV equipment or considering a new purchase.

Get professional help for AV equipment selection

It can be tempting to buy the biggest and most powerful AV equipment for your home audio and visual needs. After all, advertising campaigns and salespeople like to reinforce that most expensive is better. However, it is more important to match the equipment to your specific needs. This will ensure your entertainment system gives you the best quality video and sound for the space in which it will be operating. This is where professional help comes in handy.

Audio-visual professionals like us are professionals not only because we know how to set up your equipment, but because we can help you find the best equipment for what you want to do. We’ll take many factors into consideration, such as the space and acoustics you’re installing for, what you’ll use the equipment for, as well as how to work with equipment you already own.

Getting professional help for your AV equipment installation

Technology can be complicated. While a lot of audio-visual equipment is promoted as being “plug and play”, meaning it’s supposedly ready to go as soon as it’s plugged in; there is much more to setting up your system than simply connecting everything; especially when you have multiple components. You have to make sure that everything works together -- in concert so to speak. In other words, your TV has to be able to talk to your speakers so that they work together for your surround sound. While there are instructions for linking components, it’s not always clear what pieces are compatible, or how to connect those pieces to ones you already have in place for optimum functionality.

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Amplify the Potential of Your Church’s AV Installation

Amplify the Potential of Your Church’s AV Installation

Make sure the entire congregation can hear testimony, the organs, the choir, and the band by including a professionally designed church AV installation and design in your Palm Harbor, FL house of worship. Your AV system should at least include microphones, speakers, and amplifiers, and the technology should blend seamlessly into your space so as to not distract the congregation visually or audibly with unwanted feedback or distortion.

You’ll need an amplifier in your AV design in order to power your loudspeakers and distribute your AV sources to key places within your house of worship. Keep reading to learn more about the functionality made possible by power amplifiers from brands like Bosch and Dynacord.

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Everything Works Well Together

Highly intelligible distributed audio can be managed according to individual zones with a power amplifier, then paired with a set of quality loudspeakers. The Electro-Voice EVC ZX1 loudspeakers offer higher output for music and productions in small or mid-sized churches and pair beautifully with Bosch and Dynacord amplifiers. Bosch, Dynacord, and Electro-Voice all live under the same family umbrella of Bosch Communications Systems, so they’re designed to work together in professional integrated AV solutions.

For mid to large-sized places of worship, your production needs could be considered on par with a performance venue, so EVA line-array loudspeaker models are perfect for stage use and pair well with the compact C-series speakers placed in strategic locations in your AV setup. The Bosch and Electro-Voice products are all acoustically matched and designed to complement your architectural spaces.

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3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Outdoor AV System This Fall

3 Ways to Get More Out of Your Outdoor AV System This Fall

We’re closing in on summer, which means cooler weather is on the horizon! In Clearwater, FL, autumn is the perfect time to venture out to the backyard and take advantage of the lower temperatures.

This season, make every moment more magical by equipping your backyard with a custom outdoor AV system! Landscape speakers and outdoor TVs paired with a simple-to-use control system can elevate any backyard activity. Get inspired below by learning three ways you can enjoy your system this fall.

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Bring the Football Game Outside

With the fall season comes football season! You don’t have to confine your game-watching parties to the indoors when you have an outdoor AV system. Leading outdoor TV brands like SunBriteTV and Séura offer sleek 4K HDR displays that withstand extreme temperatures, water, and debris so you can breathe in the fresh fall air or relax poolside without missing a play.

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4 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Entertainment System This Summer

4 Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Entertainment System This Summer

At AV Specialists, we believe home entertainment shouldn’t be confined to the indoors. Weatherproof TVs and speakers offer limitless possibilities for enjoying your patio, deck, or pool. Plus, when paired with smart home automation, controlling your technology and content sources is easier than ever.

With summer approaching, now is the time to prepare your exterior living spaces in Belleair, FL for fun in the sun! While you clean the pool and tend to your gardens, consider adding an outdoor entertainment system, too. Keep reading to learn four fun ways to use your system this summer.

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Take Your Exercise Outdoors

Roll out the yoga mat or bring your dumbbells to the deck for a sweat session under the sun! Outdoor TVs from Séura or SunBriteTV are smart-compatible and work with streaming devices like Roku or Apple TV; access apps like YouTube, Nike Training Club, or Peloton and follow a workout outside.

For energetic music accompaniment, stream your favorite workout playlist on Spotify or Pandora through your patio or landscape speakers and set the tone for any exercise. Selecting your music source and controlling volume or song selection is simple and intuitive from a mobile app.

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2 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Conference Room Audio/Video Setup

2 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Conference Room Audio/Video Setup

If your hotel or business’ conference center in Tampa, FL is still renting audio visual equipment from a third-party, you might want to consider installing your own conference room audio/video setup.

These AV rental companies typically offer packaged solutions for each event your venue is hosting. And immediately there are always several concerns that arise: Is the quality of equipment going to be adequate? How long will it take to set up? Am I getting enough AV equipment for this specific event? Am I getting too much?

In order to get rid of all the coordinating and planning that occurs when you outsource your technical needs, AV Specialists can install a versatile conference room audio video system into your conference center or auditorium that can be adjusted to suit the specifics of each event. Read on to learn why an in-house audio-video system is better than renting.

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1. It’s Easy to Use and Offers Your Clients a Personal Touch

AV technology used to be complicated and difficult to set up, but with recent advances in smart technology, such equipment is now automated and controlled from a single device, making it easier than ever to operate.

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3 Standout Features of a Savant Smart Home System

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners turn to home automation is for convenience. All home devices are connected and orchestrated through one smart home operating system, allowing you to control and interact with everything from lights to locks to shades and more from one place.

While that convenience should be celebrated, the features of leading home automation platforms like Savant don’t stop there. While Savant is primarily a home automation platform, it also offers other unparalleled products and features that enhance the home living experience.

Keep reading to check out three standout features of a Savant smart home system. And if you’re intrigued, contact AV Specialists, an elite Savant dealer, to learn how you can bring one (or all) to your Tampa, FL home!

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Next-Gen Lighting Solutions

Savant partners with LED light manufacturer USAI to offer an unparalleled experience in high-end lighting fixtures and advanced control. Say goodbye to stagnant light and enjoy the benefits of tunable lighting control, which allows for personalized lighting from warm to cool and everything in between.

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