How Can You Customize Your QMotion Shades?


You’ll Enjoy the Nearly Endless Possibilities!

AV Specialists installs QMotion shades in our Tampa, Florida, homes. Their certified shading solutions boast eco-friendly benefits, childproof features, are easily integrated with Control4, and more. But did you know that they also carry nearly unlimited customization options to fit your unique home’s every need and design specification?

Whether you want a particular fabric, opacity level or texture, AV Specialists won’t stop until we find the ideal shading solution that suits you. Keep reading to explore the customization level that you can achieve by working with us.

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Would You Prefer a Home Media Room to a Theater?

Would You Prefer a Home Media Room to a Theater?

Keep reading to see which would better suit your home and what equipment you need for each. 

When you’re planning your home’s entertainment, you have so many options – should you go for single-room or whole-house audio? Do you want screens everywhere or just in one or two specialized entertainment spaces? If you want to dedicate a room to your favorite entertainment, we can’t recommend a more enjoyable solution than a home media room or a theater.

But which one should you choose? If you want the short answer, it depends. Home theaters have long served families who want that movie theater experience at home, where the lights dim, the screen appears and the sound immerses them as soon as the movie begins. Media rooms take a more family-centered approach and use various modes of entertainment.

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