Two Smart Technologies that Require a Robust Home Network


Your Belleair, FL Home Runs Smoothly When Connected to a Powerful Network

Smart technologies have taken the world by storm and have been infiltrating our homes in recent years. As your home gets smarter, your home network must be able to support an increase in internet-connected devices so that your systems remain reliable in speed and performance around the clock.

Sure, you could go the DIY route and add a modem and router to your Belleair, FL home and call it a day, but would that be enough? Would you have an intelligently designed home network custom to your property, ensuring certain types of traffic are prioritized over others? Would your home theater, lighting control system, and personal smart devices work without a hitch? With a DIY home network installation, the answer is probably not.

Keep reading to learn about two smart home technologies that benefit from an expertly designed custom home network with quality products from Pakedge.

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Summertime Is Almost Over. Are You Prepared for More Time Indoors?

Summertime Is Almost Over. Are You Prepared for More Time Indoors?

Summertime activities are winding down, and as the days become shorter, you just may find yourself spending more time indoors. While you’re indoors and not busy playing outside with your family, everyone may find themselves using their devices more. While your wireless home network may be able to handle the network load of just your immediate family, will it be able to handle the demand as relatives bombard your Belleair, FL home network during the holidays?

Increased device load requires increased network capability. Is your wireless network able to handle the influx? Keep reading this blog to learn how you can be sure your home can perform its best for your visiting family.

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Wireless networks are notorious for slowing down as people add on more of their devices. We live in a world where every member of the family is connected to Wi-Fi, from the kids on their tablets to the grandparents connecting their smartphones, while everyone gathers around the TV streaming premium content from HBO or Netflix in the media room.

All these devices take up valuable bandwidth on your network. Wireless networks with higher bandwidth can move data faster than a network with lower bandwidth. Think of it like a firehose vs. a water hose. A firehose is robust and strong and can handle a heavy flow of water, coming out at an expedited rate. A water hose is less robust and has a narrower channel to flow through. The higher the bandwidth, the more data can flow through the network. During the holidays, your network is taxed with streaming heavier amounts of data from a variety of devices; you need higher bandwidth to support this.

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Meet All of Your Home Networking Needs in 2021

Meet All of Your Home Networking Needs in 2021

While you’ve been spending more time at home than ever before, it’s never been more important to have a strong network connection. If your home networking needs aren’t met, how are you supposed to successfully work from home while your children partake in virtual learning?

Make your connection troubles a thing of the past by working with AV Specialists to strengthen your Tampa, FL home network. Keep reading to find out why your home networking system is so important and how you can improve your connection.

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Home Networking Basics 

To keep it simple, your home network is the means through which your device— such as your laptop, smartphone, and television—accesses your internet. Without a home network, you couldn’t read this blog post, stream your favorite movies, TV shows, and playlists, check social media, or work from home. 

Take a quick moment and jot down every device that relies on your home network every day. It’s more devices than you thought, right? So, what happens when your home has these devices in every room, and your router’s connection doesn’t reach far enough,slowing your connection down? That’s when we recommend bringing wireless access points into your home. 

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How Well Is Your Wireless Home Network Connecting Your Devices?

How Well Is Your Wireless Home Network Connecting Your Devices?

In case you haven’t heard, our partner Pakedge, by Control4, recently announced some new wireless home network updates that we can’t wait to share with you. With the release of their unique wireless access point, the Wave 2 access point (which we’ll call the WA-2200), Pakedge showed their dedication to giving residential customers (like you!) enterprise-grade internet connections within your own homes.

The Pakedge WA-2200 may look small, but it’s Control4’s most robust access point available. We’ll discuss why and explain how it will help Tampa, FL, customers like you build a stronger network, so keep reading!

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Faster Than Previous Releases

The all-new, high-performance chipset delivers faster speeds, lower latency, and seamless roaming across the wireless network. These small access points support homes that might need a wireless boost to support an influx of connected devices.

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Here's Why Home Networking Is So Important to Your Smart Technology

Here's Why Home Networking Is So Important to Your Smart Technology

Smart home technology is meant to add convenience to your lifestyle. It’s meant to simplify day-to-day tasks and make all of your home’s devices operate more efficiently. The fact is, though, your smart home system will suffer without a robust network infrastructure.

Below, we explore why home networking is so crucial to the success of the connected devices in your Clearwater, Florida house. Keep reading to find out more.

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The Need for Bandwidth

We mentioned above that the performance of smart home devices would suffer without a robust home network.

Here’s why: Consider the vast amount of devices in your house that might utilize your network – computers, smartphones and tablets, smart TVs, and any home device that accesses the internet.

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Here’s What You Need for Better Video Conferencing at Home

Much of America’s workforce is experiencing a great shift toward remote work. With this shift comes many positives: better work-life balance, no more long commutes, and reduced work-related expenses for both employees and employers, just to name a few.

But to work productively from your Tampa, FL home, you’ll need more than a laptop and a couch. Along with an ergonomic home office setup and ample lighting, you’ll need a bulletproof wireless home network to keep you connected when performing data-heavy tasks, like video conferencing and wi-fi work calls.

If you’re shifting to at-home work, make sure you have the following solutions to be successful!

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Supportive Desk and Seating

You can own the most comfortable couch and chairs at home, but that doesn’t mean they’ll facilitate productivity. There’s a difference between having comfortable furniture and ergonomic furniture. Ergonomic furniture is comfortable and encourages efficiency and focus. When selecting your home office chair, consider seat height, lumbar support, backrest design, and seat material. When selecting your desk, consider leg clearance, surface space, and if you want an adjustable or fixed solution.

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Consider Structured AV Wiring for Your Audio Video Systems

With recent advances in technology more and more people are able to afford the luxury of upgrading their home entertainment capabilities. However the upgrade to your audio video systems experience comes with more wires and clutter. Many people desire a “wireless” appearance, and this is something that is not easy especially with devices in multiple rooms. Unfortunately, the issue goes deeper than mere aesthetics, according to the U.S. Fire Administration there are 26,100 fires annually within residential areas. It is estimated that half of these fires are caused by faulty wires, poor maintenance, and dangerous handling. A great solution for people who want to improve the safety of their home and still enjoy a great home entertainment system is structured wiring.

A structured AV wiring system can easily been installed in a home that's under construction or undergoing renovations. Some structured wiring systems may even be installed in an existing home. The system is very simplistic and organized, making it easy to be maintained and upgraded. It starts with a structured networking panel (SNP) which is similar to an electricity box. It accepts and distributes signals throughout your home. The signal travels from the  structured networking panel to a wall plate that has been installed in the room with your devices via the appropriate cable to the receiving device. Adapters are available for Ethernet cables allowing for Internet capable devices to perform at much faster speeds than Wi-Fi would allow. There are also connectors available for standard coaxial cable and fiber-optic cables.

Functionality and versatility are constantly in demand and a structured wiring system provides exactly this. Once the system is in place you will be able to enjoy your media on a whole new level. Whether you are entertaining for a party, having a movie night with the family or just relaxing on your night off from work you should have the option to do it in any room of your home. With a structured wiring system you can play a Blu-ray DVD, Netflix or Apple TV from your main system to any other television in the house. You can also enjoy your stereo from any location without the hassle of having to reorganize your home or move a single thing. With your media collection at your fingertips you'll never have to switch rooms to watch your favorite movie.

With the availability of professional grade programs on home computers many people are undertaking business and work from home. With a structured wiring system in place you can turn your cluttered home office into a spacious and organized work area. A separate telephone line can be installed for those that do not want the extra expense of an additional cell phone line. You can also network printers and facsimile machines within the system. There is no need for you to be tethered to a short device cable. With the ability to position the wall plate and connect your devices where you want them you have greater control over the layout of your office.

Luxul networking offers high quality network  easy to administrate,  really well performoing wireless, one signal all over the house sop no lapses going from one to the other.  

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